Coming in as wrong character and class

Trying to join quickplay I come in as wrong character, and not the last class that was even used as that character.playing on Xbox 1s. Keep showing up as witch hunter captain.
If joining a game through Xbox menu prompt from invite I frequently come in as the first class of a random character.
It would be preferable if we could select priority of all characters and all classes. This glitch causes the need to switch classes when you get back to the keep and with the long wait times for the simplest of switches, even down to weapons, THIS IS ANNOYING AT MINIMUM.
And for the love of god make the “searching for game” not keep trying to join the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I don’t want to switch characters if I didn’t do it the first time.

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I joined a cata game recently on PC the same way - went in as GK, spawned in as Sienna. And my Sienna is level 1, so gave the guys a laugh. :grinning:

Awe, that’s brutal, lol I bet you won :joy:

Nah, I left - would be impolite to take up a slot like that.

This bug is another of the “has been around since beta” ones x)

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Yes it’s just I rarely play QP now because every time I do, the game finds me some lobbies after two “increased search range” events, but if I open the lobby browser - there are lobbies there literally in my city that I could join. Something I see wasn’t addressed in the 4.1 patch. Nice.


Has not been an issue on Xbox till Christmas. Now is frequent.

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