Quickplay selects wrong character

Can’t find the post that already complained about this, making another one to harp on the fact that this bug still exists and hasn’t been touched.

Loading into quickplay as Saltzpyre 5 times last night, spawned into 5 games as Sienna Battle Wizard. Not only that, but I don’t believe my talents were selected properly as I did not see Lingering Flames or Famish Flames take any effect. Nothing was dying from fire dots. If I loaded into a game correctly as Battle Wizard, all my talents worked properly.

Also there’s a bug where my character loads in for all other players but I’m still looking at a black loading screen. So I spawn in dead since my character can’t fight back.
I’ve seen this happen to another player loading into my game. They were stationary and being attacked, I yelled at him for being AFK, but he said he was still stuck in loading screen.


Can confirm that QP can sometimes select the character you didn’t pick. It was all BW in my case (was trying to select Zealot and Shade).

As for black screen while loading in the game, it’s been like this (on my end) ever since 2.0 came out. Pretty sure it’s not hardware limitation cause I have an above average setup.

Same here. Twice tonight alone. Very aggravating.

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