Quick Play casts me as the wrong character

It is common that when I try to Quick Play, I am pulled into a game with another character (i.e. I am given no character select prompt). When this happens, I am always cast as the first class of the character (e.g. Bright Wizard, Witch Hunter, Ranger). The casting as first class happens regardless of my last playthrough with a character. For instance, I regularly play Iron Breaker, but when I was joining a game as Bright Wizard, I instead ended up joining the game as Bardin (Ranger), I class that I effectively never play.

It feels like this has been happening more frequently recently. This only occurs when I quick play. It has never happened where I joined the game as one character, only to appear as a different class of the same character.

Also, in the past month, lost connections have been getting especially bad for me. To the point where I would say 2/3 of all games, where I’ve joined via quickplay end in a broken connection.

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happens to me too. i go in as merc but show up in game as sienna. i even selected option to suggest other heroes if hero is taken but it still doesnt work. only way to get around it is to join a friends game (or have them join you) then hit quick play.

I know it’s a pain in the butt regardless but I always feel it the worst when I’m joining as slayer. You’re ready to leap in and be the ultimate murder blender, then you load in and you’re sword and board Kruber. Not that there’s anything wrong with S/B Krub, it just wasn’t the adventure I signed on for.

Just happens to me too. Queued up as slayer, joined as waystalker.

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