Team formation screen is currently next to useless

The team form-up screen: bit of a wasted opportunity.

You’ve at most 60seconds to work out what other players may/may not have and adjust accordingly. Bad enough that 3 Psykers will all be lumped in together, but then you’ve got the 3x purgatus staff issue or whatever. PUG groups just don’t bother in my experience.

I’m not saying this is the last word in graphics capabilities. But in VT2 you could at least see people’s loadouts to work out what you should bring. Have a privacy toggle if needs be. But seeing an outline of people’s build and weapons is useful to know.

If you’ve no resource, at the very least can we have the avatars stand around with their RANGE weapon please. No one much cares what your favourite melee weapon is, but complementary range set ups make a big difference.


Yeap, we need option to change character in pre-mission screen


I’m hoping for improvements in the upcoming content drops. The current implementation of the team formation screen looks like a stem of a good idea that, once polished, will be good.

Something I complain about regularly when I play purgatus psyker or flamer zealot (as having two has very little efficient overlap).

I wish more games utilized their loading screens into deployment scenes better. Being able to join a game in progress should have something to let you change your loadout inside the stormhawk before spawning in (and also allow you to see what everyone is using).

“Just talk to your teammates” often doesn’t work and it’s very exhausting to tell a player to ask what their team is using every single mission when they won’t even reply to you (in time).


There is a mod for that.
Press E to have everyone swap weapon.

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Or at all. And then you find out they can write, usually “I’m not picking up plasteel - I have 100k”. That’s some BS man…

Zealot with t-hammer vs heavy sword, or psyker with illisi vs deimos? :wink:

FS did add unique icons for each weapon Mk, so they should just scale them down and put them near the playertag.

Yeah i noticed that for whatever reason you get lumped in with 3x-4x of the same class which often makes team unbalanced. It really doesn’t make sense and i’m sure there is some hidden mechanic to give me 2 other ogryns when i play ogryn while i go for multiple games without seeing one

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The zealot comparison is apt, but in a pinch the Illisi and the Deimos can pick up the slack in either single target damae or horde clear. Definitely not the most efficiently, but definitely more than the the Heavy Sword can clear Crushers.

Unfortunately, agreed. I miss the old keep from VT2. I wish once you queued for something you were sent into a docking bay with a target practice gallery or something

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I can see being able to see what the others have in the team formation screen. In the stormhawk? no

I don’t know. not so fond of multiple psyker runs all the time. multiple zealots, veterans or even better…ogryns? Hell I love multiple ogryn runs, especially when I’m running my squishy psyker. If I get a triple ogryn run I just hold back and watch them plow through stuff while I occasionally brain burst something. I LOVE those runs. yeah I have to pick one up occasionally if none of them bring the slab and maul but…shrug Multiple veterans? ohhh boy. all those glorious frag grenades. hordes? WHAT hordes? elites? LOLOL. Multiple zealots aren’t always horrible either.

Same feeling, like if there even such priority it should be reversed - to fill team with different classes or it should be a toggable option. Sometimes there is no vets for a few runs in a row, but right after i switch to vet myself - boom, 2 more vets join the party. And it is like with every other classes i have such expirience.


Sorry but it’s much more important that we have a clear view of all the cool character gear people bought from the shop, than to have the screen cluttered with critical information.

Ooooh shiny hat!


This. It would help for quick play so you could balance your team out