Gameplay and QoL Feedbacks

Just a “couple” (metaphorically speaking, else i’m Ogryn :KEKW_ogryn: ) of feedbacks for the game:

1- Make the ammo counter for each weapon follow the same colour it shows on the squad UI, so that you have a clear reference on both your reserve and your comrade’s. if you know your thresholds, you know your squads aswell.

2- Change how Warzone Conditions work please. Currently, we get one single condition on each rotation and it’s randomly spread across all tasks on the board. It lacks diversity and substance. Make it so that there are multiple conditions on each rotation, so that you can feel the real difference between each mission and you can physically touch the sensation of having moved from one place to another inside the Hive City.

3- Make the armory less RNG based. Right now, we have to prey the God-Emperor (bless him!) in order to make one single type of a specific weapon even appear on the shop. And that might be even shitty as crap with useless stats we can’t touch (MC Hammer i see you there). Make one macro category of each weapon (i.e. Infantry Autogun) show up on each rotation at least. You have (way) enough RNG on that aswell, since it can shape different Marks and stats.

4- Buff every boss in the game, except for Daemonhost. I seriously wonder how much of a gap you could develop in between them. Daemonhost is high tier quality development: it’s scary and can seriously f*ck you up, like a real boss. Every other boss is pointless, it’s just yawny and boring (a horde is more dangerous). I feel like Daemonhost shows a proper clear identity, whereas the other ones are the most random craps with tons of HP which the AI Director must compensate with zergs spawns.

5- Rework each difficulty tier requirement, since it’s pointless right now. Make Uprising simply level 2 to give a sort of tutorial to newcomers, and then make each following T tier unlock once you’ve completed each T-1 scenario once.

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Oh yes, especially this one. Spotting ammo already has an nifty character voice trigger, calling out those on the team with the lowest ammo supply. This on it’s own is already handy, but ‘tagging and spotting’ items isn’t second nature for many. Not knowing your own max ammo supply and taking unneeded ammo, triggers fellow soldier banter complaining about it (and right fully so) I’ll happily hear more if this. But I welcome ammo supply color indication with open arms.

I can relate to to the armory being a bit to RNG. I would very much appreciate some loaded dice, on your trash (grey) items, to have those nearly be always present to have new players who unlock new weapon types to be able to experiment early and not have to burn through coins just to try out if a weapon fits their combat style or not.