Some ideas how improve game

Hi Fatshark team,

I have some ideas for improving the overall fun in the game:

  1. Place the bots in the corners of the mission room (to the keep).

It’s very annoying when new players join and bots start talking constantly. I suggest placing them in their homes so that you can come up and talk whenever you want. If we play for this character or one of the players, then he disappears from his home for a while.

  1. Increase the draw detail distance in the game settings.

Increase the maximum limit of rendering details, when running I can directly see how the details are loaded! This is not comfortable and spoils the impression of the game. As an option, the number of parts depends on FPS.

  1. Possibility of purchasing DLC ​​for heaps of Okri coins.

Over time, Okri’s coins have nowhere to go. I suggest making the DLC price high so that players can unlock some characters with it.

  1. Add auto-leave option.

I find it odd that when I quickplay as a host I often do not make it through the 3 second countdown before a person joins. Their joining then delays me loading into the game, and if they stay I have to wait for them to wander over.

If the game was not available to join until after the countdown expired I could load into the level and so could they, reducing the time spent not actually playing.

Additionally I would be in favor of an auto-leave option within settings to auto drop the group after the scoreboard. That would prevent loading into their keep, leaving, and then loading into my own keep.

Having people join during the loading screen is just as bad. It causes really long delays, especially if 2-3 people all start loading at the same time.

  1. Add HD Texture Pack

Add Hight Detail Texture Pack in Steam. The engine allows it, right?


Great suggestionstions. But for Shillings I think it would be best if we can convert them to red dust like 1000 to 1, or if there are extra expensive cosmetics for veteran players who have like dozens of thousands of them.

  1. Add Hide interface button for screenshots.

  2. Black screen on loading is too long.

  3. It’s not nice when characters talk at the same time or during a fight.

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All above-mentioned ideas are great. I was also thinking of chaos wastes, but with your hard-earned upgraded (or not) weapons with skins applied! As, combat is firstly much more un-involving and more difficult. If this wouldn’t work, maybe reworking the weapon upgrade stations to be based off of trial chests for more choice etc?

Otherwise, hope to see these many great improvements to be introduced soon!

  1. Add “Resently play” button.
  2. *When game is crash, add reconection button.

When I play chaos wastes, game was crash at final boss on legend 8(

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  1. When you win/lose after chest, add a “leave team” button.

cosmetics only