Constructive feedback

Been playing for 78 hours according to steam and I’ve got some ideas that might improve the game even more.

  1. More detailed view over talent trees.
    Where the exact numbers are displayed.

  2. Attacks blocked/monsters pushed in final stat screen.
    And/or more things to give credit to tanks and other melee champions.

  3. Able to see character details in inventory view.
    Stats like health, crit, attackspeed, flat damage reduction, damage taken and done against different creatures.
    This would be nice because websites will eventually pop up for this but I don’t see why it should not be in the game.

  4. Bot improvements.
    Able to trade tomes and grimores to bots. Remove fall damage from bots.

  5. Game mode.
    Wave survival on a smaller map, arena like perhaps?
    With powerups and random super monsters spawning could be really interesting.

  6. Make the lobby, or castle is You wish more interactable.
    More NPCs, more jump paths, destructibles and other stuff to keep busy while waiting.

  7. Tank dwarfs dragon gun is really too overpowered right now in my opinion. Playing on legend and it’s still strong as hell. Increasing overheat and/or make it slower to swap too and from could also be a suitable nerf.
    Rangers maiden specc needs some sort of buff, shadow also. Markus tank specc need some sort of buff, might be wrong though, but he feels really weak at this moment.

  8. Some, maybe not much but some customization in characters.
    Like sex, hairstyle and voice etc.

This was some changes that I would’nt be disapointed to see.
Obviously I didn’t mention bugs from the game as the developers are well aware of those.

All in all it’s a really fun game with potential to become even greater!


Any thoughts?

There is not going to be new voice or models for characters.
Only skins and hats.
Last stand map is coming, i’m pretty sure.

Good feedback. Here’s my thoughts on your ideas:

Exact numbers in tooltips is definitely something I hope they implement.

Damage blocked would be a welcomed addition to the stats page.

More detailed hero stats would be fantastic for min/maxing.

Tomes and Grims are a tricky one. Grimoires are supposed to be bound to the player that picks them up permanently. I haven’t tried throwing away a grim in V2, but in V1, you could delete the grim by equipping it and clicking. Otherwise it was bound to you until death. That’s part of the risk involved in picking it up.

I could definitely see tomes being able to be passed, as there’s no real reason why you can’t, except for maybe forcing it on someone that doesn’t want it.

Last Stand was a mode from Vermintide 1 which was an arena-based horde survival mode. No powerups or anything, but there were multiple ogre spawns at once, and lots of difficult waves of specials. Item caches would unlock at certain waves.

I definitely think they intend to expand the keep greatly with personalized things, which is why it’s so friggin big.

Flamethrowers I think are properly powered, but should cost a lot more overcharge to use. It’s the kind of weapon that should be able to melt a raging swarm of enemies, but you shouldn’t be able to do that constantly.

You will definitely see hair and hats, but I highly doubt sex or voice, because those are intrinsic to the characters.

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Thank you for your input!
As I didn’t play V1 myself I didn’t know about the arena last man standing. Would be really fun too see!

About the Dwarf weapon I personally think the flamethrower is ok. But it’s the gun that should be nerfed. A good Bardin can outdamage a ranger with that weapon and still be really tanky. It seems wrong and he really brings too much atm.

Having skins like hats, hair and clothes would be very welcome, as I personally and probably most players like some variety and personalization.

Are you playing on champ or above?

I myself are playing on legend, with 2 friends and 1 “random”. We’ve played games together for many years but are by no means “pro” :slight_smile:

Ok good good I ask because unless you guys are talking with one another that flame thrower is a quick way to end your team mate. It’s a pretty good weapon. But it’s draw back is your own team mates.

Yes indeed. We usualy have 1 or 2 ranged users with us and have a frontline to draw attention while the other 2 shoot from a flank or above. Works pretty well untill an assassin pops up from nowhere :smiley: