Some constructive feedback and suggestions for the game moving forward

I have about 20 hours or so in the game so far and I am very much enjoying it, but I have some things which bug me and features I would like to see added so I’ll just list them here. Discussion on whether you agree or not is welcome of course :slight_smile:

  1. Firstly I would like to have the ability to link loot in chat to other players, this kinda stems from my WoW days, but I think this would be a nice feature and allow people to discuss items a lot easier.

  2. I would like to be able to inspect other players and see their gear / talent set up. (again similar to WoW).

  3. The crafting menu feels a bit clunky, scrolling through the different crafting methods feels a bit strange. The crafting menu in general kinda ruins the fact that there are places in the lobby you can go and craft stuff. Perhaps from a gameplay / immersion point of view, not everything should be doable from the inventory menu?

  4. A bigger lobby would be cool, like a town where people can hang out / craft. A currency system would also be nice and the ability to trade items / crafting materials.

  5. Moving on to gameplay, sometimes headshotting an enemy can feel slightly inconsistent and with the larger enemies it seems very difficult, particularly in melee. I’m not sure if this is intended or just a design flaw with the headshot system.

  6. Aggro feels a bit strange, particularly if you are playing as a Shade for example. I stealth behind a load of enemies to get backstabs in and they just immediately turn towards me because I’m the closest player. Kinda ruins the whole point of being a Shade.

  7. More monster variation please!

  8. Remove the chests from being in the menu and have them at the end of the level? Would feel a bit more immersive imo.

  9. More depth in general would be nice, I know the game is reasonably fleshed out right now as it is but moving forward and in the future I would like more ways to be able to customise my characters performance.

  10. Big one for me, the ability to rejoin games if you lose connection. I have had many problems with crashing since the game launched and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting chucked out of a game at the end of the level and losing all the rewards we worked hard to get.

That’s all for now. I love the game though and really looking forward to what the future holds for it. I think this game has a lot of potential.

You just posted some flamebait. I am going to try & say this constructively & not sound like a typical gamer.
Vermintide is not WoW or a MMORPG. Many of your suggestions are based on a different franchise & style of game and will be heavily criticised by the community.
The character’s discrepancies are not vast & a good team communication is more the core of the game than niche role fulfillment. There will undoubtedly come quick generalizations for basic builds & the gear you wear will really be irrelevant to the other’s b/c the stats should support your build as best they can (which is part looter’s luck & part player’s resource management). In Vermintide one a quick explanation of your gear traits was all that was needed (ex: looter’s trink, grenadier, share heal/pot) … and even then players often disregarded such info in PUGs. Also at this state in the game the player costumes already signal to you what career path they chose - already refining your ability to assume their general abilities.

As for the player hub & crafting ideas:
Vermintide: The End Times is an Apocalypse-esque world… it is in the name. There aren’t an abundance of survivors & the castle (inn in VT1) is a safehouse for the extremely small resistance (7 people). There are others mentioned but presumably they are hidden elsewhere or use their own magics to hide themselves (as Alicia does for the player character group & Ranald). Crafting in VT1 was a bit clunky because you had to changed stations & although they were near to one another it was a unnecessary time expenditure - the new all-in-one setup is a god sent.

The Shade career also doesn’t mean that you are literally a shade. Kerillian’s special ability grants you temporary invisibility to strike & potentially insta-kill human-sized enemies with a critical. It is of limited but effective use - just like most the traits because the core of the game isn’t about role fulfillment it is about similarly rounded characters overcoming the challenges via teamwork, communication, & player skill.


These are the only two I agree with.

That wouldn’t make sense since two characters aren’t suppose to be in the lobby/inn at the same time. All of your justification for immersion and this one basically ignores it more than anything.

I’m not sure what this means? Loot is awarded at the end of the level. Are you talking about moving until after the score board? I’d like to have the ability to speed through the rolls so it doesn’t take as long but over all I don’t mind where it’s located.

What hes saying here is right tho. If a skill is supposed to grant you temporary invisibility, it should grant you temporary invisibility. Thing is it often does not.

I think he means that the chest would be in the actual map near the obelisk (exit) but I think that sounds totally immersion breaking.

The way I read it was that he wasn’t activating his special but just thinking he snuck up on the enemy or positioned a flank and that the enemies turned to face him. Then again I’m reaching back to my MMO days (10+ yes ago) to try and understand his perspective & what & from where is expectations might arise.

But a broken special is a broken special… like Bardin’s Ironbreaker Taunt. Some of this material could make it to the Bug Report section then.

Its been reported so many times tho. Seen complaints about it in multiple topics just as the taunt thing.

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Yeah that’s what I meant, of course not everyone may agree which I totally accept.

Another thing which is a must, HOST MIGRATION! Just had a game where the host crashed and the entire run was lost. I don’t think this is really excusable in 2018.

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Yes I was referring to my Shade special ability. The ability is flat out broken a lot of the time, you’re meant to be able to move through mobs but you can’t.

Yeah, I dunno. Waywatcher seems to be the only viable career at this point. I played primarily Kerillian in Vt1 & was gun-ho to try out her 3 careers in Vt2. In beta the Handmaiden caught my eye because I like dodging blows & moving swiftly through the fray but her special (although extremely fast charging) gets deflected by larger enemies (which was more my desired target for specialing due to the bleed & cont. opportunity to keep attacking from the rear). I played around with Shade too but found it too highly circumstantial.

This. This is my only problem with Shade. I like the career and the crossbow is hella fun, but I just can’t justify it since her passive and many of her talents are almost worthless outside of hurting Elites and Bosses where as I can run HM or WS and perform infinitely better for the team.
Sometimes you can’t move through mobs, and sometimes they’ll still continue to track you even while invisible and get a few free hits on you, which can be lethal and very frustrating on higher difficulties.
Which enemy attack tracking is also a complaint I have about the game in general but you really notice it as a Shade