Feedback/Wishlists after 100 hours played

First off I want to say that I’ve enjoyed the game greatly overall. Obviously, there have been pain points, bugs, frustrating mechanics, but I do enjoy the game. However, I also think that there are glaring issues that affect the long term viability of the game.

I’m going to split my feedback up into a few categories…

Host Migration

You guys probably know it already, but this needs to be a top priority.

Enemy Mechanics

Blightstormer- The wizard should have to retain line of sight to the plague wind. While there is counterplay during the conjuring of the storm, teleporting off map while the storm still tracks the party removes said counterplay particularly in maps with cramped sections.

Life Leech- It’s been mentioned before but either the damage needs to be removed from its teleport, or it shouldnt be able to teleport inside of you. The damage has no counterplay.

Globadier (aka Tom Brady)- The range and accuracy of this rat is insane especially since he can throw his bombs from off map. That would be fine if the initial damage wasnt so high. The globadiers threat should be area denial, not chunking the team with quarter mile bomb lobs.

Map Mechanics

Green Wall of no passage- It doesn’t happen often, but the green acid wall that prevents progress during a mini-boss has problems. If you’re going to force parties to kill the mini-boss, dead players need to respawn in an accessible location. When the last man standing fends off a horde and manages to kit the boss to the next section, they should be able to revive the team instead of hitting the wall and being forced to solo kill the boss.

Class balance

I would nerf pyromancer and rework the beam staff mechanics, the other threads cover this well enough. I think besides that outlier, classes are in a decent spot.


Overall- The systems at every point incentivizes holding onto your high quality boxes and your scrap until you’ve maxed out previous tiers. Tying progression to number of boxes opened/items crafted makes progression feel awful and grindy in the worst way. However I will also say that it was satisfying to open all my commendation chests when i hit 200 equipment power.

Boss levels exp/loot- The boss maps with the exception of warcamp imo are strictly more difficult than the other maps. I would like to see an additional exp reward for killing a boss, and I would like to see bosses drop or have a chance to drop loot dice.

Salvage/Crafting/Rerolling speed- Please please please reduce the time you have to hold down the crafting button. Sometimes you have to reroll 30+ times, and a 2 second confirmation timer is an added grievance to the already clunky interface.

Rerolling traits (properties not included)- I feel like you shouldnt be able to reroll into an identical trait. I struggle justifying it other than it feels really bad.


This is the part of the game I feel has the most potential, but in its current iteration is really bad. I will write about it in another post

Final thoughts

Now that I’ve gone over the things I’m not fond of, I’d like to end with some positives. It’s clear in this game that the team really put in a lot of effort, especially in the maps and environment. Combat feels visceral, and satisfying, and the dialogue is great. I look forward to seeing the game get polished and expanded on and wish the devs luck.

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Nice post.
This should be pinned as a TL:DR of the whole forum in the past week

I would add, getting the same map as a host 5 times a day is a bit tedious and should be looked into.

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We rolled Empire in Flames 8 times in a row during the beta… My friends and I still have a “oh god, not again” moment every time we get it now.

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