Some more feedback after 162 hours

I Officially have the Achievement four leaf clover and have each character to level 30.
I’ve already posted some thoughts at the 100 hours mark in a separate forum so I’ll try not to repost issues I listed so much there unless it’s part of something I really feel needs to be reiterated once again.

Just going to shoot things at the wall and see what sticks essentially.

Starting with what I think needs to change.

  • I would like one mission from each map available for each difficulty at all times, the RNG for the mission select is painful but if we at least had one mission for each zone for each difficulty available, that would be quite nice, especially for people who need to complete secondary objectives on a specific map.

  • Maybe display a small aura of some kind to help emphasize where the border of coherency ends. Some kind of visual indicator that isn’t in the bottom of the screen that warns you when you’re about to leave coherency with more than 1 person and make it a element you can toggle on or off. It’s not needed but it would be appreciated. Mainly something for more indication to help people know they’re together or leaving someone behind by accident.

  • Add more listing spots in the Armory for each rarity type up until anointed. Just more spaces for more options to help players get more chances to see an Item they might want to buy or make the refresh timer on the armory 30 minutes instead of an hour.

  • Add the option to use Coin or weekly currency to buy crafting supplies, I don’t care if it’s expensive. It will help people who’re scared of playing at higher levels prepare more adequate for the endeavour. It’s something to just help players who want to play Heresy or Damnation find more people with ok loot.

-Add gear score requirements for Damnation and Heresy runs. I’m not a huge fan of the idea that you’re matched with pugs that are just not up for the task of higher difficulty.

  • Like Vermintide, Make some free cosmetics items you can get as a rare reward on Heresy and Damnation. It’s literally the hats that kept a lot of players wanting to try the Wizards tower on Cata many nights ago and as silly as it sounds, it will help keep players around until more suitable rewards can help stimulate players to stay motivated to stick around. Darktide has amazing core gameplay but the game won’t survive long without reasons to replay through the content aside from the fun factor. Sadly the “need for progression” feelings has infected many of us and it’s hard to just play a game only because it’s fun. There’s many players that are diseased to forever want a sense of progression and I think Fatshark needs to play into some more elements that helped players want to stick with Vermintide, for now, I say let us have more hats. It sounds silly but I’m willing to bet on it helping keep people around for a while until the Seasonal shenanigans and other elements are implemented.

-This is a repeat of many a forum posts but the Ogryn could use more weapons or at least the few he has should feel a bit more usefull. Currently you take the shield or you take the shovel for anti armor/ crowd control. The Mk1 club isn’t very good, the various knives are niche rolls and don’t feel flexible enough to justify taking over the prior mentioned shovel or shield. In regards to ranged weapons the Twin linked Heavy Stubber feels just a smidge too inaccurate, it’s fun until you try to shoot anything beyond 5 meters away, The Grenadier Gauntlet is probably the best option any Ogryn has and is just right and the MkII Ripper gun is quite nice until you run into armored Targets but it feels balanced there. I don’t see a reason to use the Rumbler or the Scattershot in the current state of the game unless the weapons get a real boost to make them worth the long reload. I think the Scattershot really needs some more oomph especially.

  • I personally haven’t spent too much time with each class to get too deep into builds yet but I have some thoughts.
    For Veteran, I think the scavenger perk should be percentage based on killing an elite/specialist instead of the flat 2 ammo it provides, not something huge, maybe 3% at the most but enough to make it so the Veteran isn’t as in need of ammo to help spread resources amongst the team over the course of a mission. Some Veterans want to devour the map of resources in my experience. I wish the ogryn grenade could explode on more targets but currently it feels pretty good, just wish I could blow more things up. On the Zealot, I think it would be nice to have more chances to heal up to 25% health for builds that want to rely on martydom but so far a bleed crit build with a dagger has been fun. For the psyker I just wish he did more damage with scourgeflame and the staffs in general, it can feel underwhelming at times even when you have 4 warp charges it’s just a bit lackluster outside of brainburst and crowd control.

-Add Curios that modify character skills or traits to enhance build diversity and encourage players further to play how they might want to play within reason of course. For a game like Darktide, adding the ability to modify how a trait or skill works would help enhance character builds in unique ways, perhaps make one that causes the ogryn grenade to do more damage and always explode at the cost of reducing grenade count for example. Or perhaps a curio that lowers the requirement for martyrdom but lowers the amount of damage you gain per stack. Little things like this I think would be quite nice.

  • Where’s our friendly chaos spawn? We know this was a boss in Vermintide 2 and the boss was shown in the opening cutscene, I miss my buddy with his giant tongue arm trying to angrily lick my hair off and throw me off a bridge. It’s odd to show a chaos spawn in such a highlighted role like how you showed the Rat ogre in the Vermintide one cinematic. Difference here is we had the Rat Ogre in Vermintide, we’re unsure where the Chaos spawn is hiding, perhaps Rannick has him in a cage but I was really hoping to see it. While it’s nice to see a Daemon host or Beast of Nurgle, I can’t help but feel teased every time I see the opening cinematic.

  • Make more mission types for each zone. I can’t explain how many times I’ve helped fix the smelter or turned the water filtration on after killing derp daemons on a wall. For now, I wouldn’t bat an eye to hard at more assassination missions or even a mission to survive for a set amount of waves to hold a key location while the PDF forces arrive to secure the area. Or maybe add a VIP mission where we have to escort an NPC, which probably made some of you vomit from hearing me ask for an escort mission. I’m desperate for some more missions that feel more fun and less go here turn this on. Sometimes I just want BLOOD FOR THE EMPEROR AND SKULLS FOR THE GOLDEN THRONE youknow? Totally not just wanting to bathe in blood for khorne no no no.

  • Please add options to turn down particle effects like in Vermintide 1 and 2. This might be partly to be why so many players are having FPS issues. Giving us the option to reduce particle effects might help a lot of players with potato PC builds, I’m not one of them but my friends who I play with are.

  • Please add boss’s to the Meat Grinder, it would help with more testing.

I think that’s about it for what I really think needs to be changed at this time.

Now for some random thoughts.

  • I really wish the ogryn power maul shown in the trailer as well as the armor in the trailer were attainable in game. I feel blue balled at that.
    -I would love to be able to access the Cantine on the ship to eat rashions, play poker with friends or get drunk and have YE OLE BAR FIGHT like in Vermintide 1. That was a favorite feature that you never brought back.
  • Having Curios shared across over characters would be nice.

I will update this post later when I have more thoughts in the form of replies to this topic.

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