A mixed bag of Suggestions and future content/updates ++ some current Bugs


Some of the Monsters you meet have been around since VT1. (even if didnt play that game more then a few hours, got it right before VT2) The people who played around in the vermintide universe for a long time, and probably more then half playerbase that play more then the average. They know all the “attack patterns” of every enemy by now.

Think would bring something interesting to the table if FS added new Attacks for the Monsters you meet. Keep the ones they have ofcourse, most of them are good allready but… Like give them some rare attacks that you gotta watch out for (just an example: a troll do a 360’ with his baseball bat that pushes all heroes and also horde flying in every direction based on where they stand if they are inside the area of his weapon and didnt manage to gtfo before)

  • Ratogre sometimes grab you and throws you over his back or random or towards the middle of a horde if thats possible.

  • Chaosspawn gets a long range “stretch his tentacle” towards a hero able to grab them from alot farther away, then the sway he has today when he grabs you and sucks on your head.

  • chaos spawns grabs a hero (tentacle) and just holds him over his head like “disabling” one hero from doing damage/anything impactfull for 10-12-15 seconds. and fight with his other arm or what the hell you call it in the meanwhile.

  • Troll can throw his baseball bat at a hero, maybe like an engage when he just joins the fight. Leaving one hero stuck under his weapon if they are hit (Hero can spam any button to slowly drag himself out from beneath his weapon or something similar) After troll fought the others for alittle while he walks/sprints towards his weapon and continues fight like normal doing more dmg since not fighting with only his arms anymore.

  • Stormroger gets another version but with guns, like the boss at the end of skittergate. Giving also shield users something extra if they show up. (blocking bullets like a boss)

  • Stormroger can spray a wide wall that does alot of DMG if you try to walk right through it. disabling the heroes stuck on the other side. (Could get out of hand in a corridor leaving 1 - 2 hero on the other side stuck with a horde) while he wall is up.

  • Chaosspawn/Troll sometimes after loosing half of their HP, runs toward a horde nearby and eats some of the slaverats generating maybe half of their HP if they arent interupted.

  • Just some examples on the top of my head, Monsters could probably do alot of other stuff+++. And Give them some more basic attacks, Mixing it up and giving the Players who played the game along time VT1/VT2 something new and keeping them on their toes, watching out for more powerfull attacks.

When you fought the same Monsters a long time they are only a threat during a horde and if one or two heroes are allready down usually.

  • Give Monsters some more variations, like different colour and some small addons/tweaks. (Think of like the same Monster thats all in vermintide are allready in total war warhammer with different variations)


Knowing they allready made some improvment to some of the graphics like the gasclouds that looks much better now after a patch last year.

And if its true FS is thinking about supporting Vermintide 2 for years to come some of this would be nice…

  • Get rid of the milky rain that looks like a 90s game. Make it transparent and thicker depending on what you set your graphics setting on ofcourse. (Look at some older games for example batman arkham knight, where the rain actually look like rain not digital white stripes)

  • Foliage/grass could get some more love. (Thinner,better texture and realistic colour on grass and fields?)

  • Make shadows not use so insane high CascadeShadowmapSize/Shadow Resolution or able to tweak it. Vermintide 2 allready CPU Heavy game doesnt like shadows. ( Recomended turning them off for anyone having problem during hordes with fps and rather turn on SSAO if you have a good graphic card for anyone who doesnt know how it works with cpu)

  • What happend to the pin smaller enemies to walls with arrows? I vaguely remeber the short time i played Vermintide 1 it was in the game. looked badass!

  • An option to be able to turn of the ugly weapon sway flash in the direction your attacking thats just annoying looking at and clutter up your screen. Rather leave them just for when your Weapon Crits. Not on normal attacks.

  • Give the handguns,pistols,shotguns similar small smoke swaying to the “wind direction” after a shot. (Depening on your graphic settings again…)

  • Uncap the fps in menus (example after a run is ended and you look through all the menus/chest screen/scoreboard)

  • Cut some seconds off the endturn menus and chest opening screen. They are way too long.

  • Night/Evening and other random all maps??? This is allready in the game we know. Just its only tied to events. Kinda stupid, when they allready made it and they look good. Dont make much sense does it???

  • Able to see your own foots when looking down (or your belly if your playing slayer)? Just for immersion…

Vermintide 2 looks good no matter even though this things allready^^ just some suggestions.

Immersion (not important some would say, but still…) :

  • Make bird/crows take flight on rooftops and trees when a horde/specials arrives near them as a warning sign too our Heroes something is stirring around the corner when your see a flock of birds taking off.

  • Add some ambitient war or just sounds going on around the maps or in the distance. Add some fire and smoke just indicating a nearby town or similar is under attack also. (This is the End time after all)

  • Make some of the windows in towns have a light inside them f.eks. you can see the shadow of a rat slaying a citizen inside behind the curtain.

  • A map like fort brachenbruche or how its called… Add some soldiers/peasants inside the gates (they dont stand a chance ofcourse) but makes you feel like your there helping out. “We” are the Ubersreik 4 or 5 doesnt matter… they are called heroes after all.
    Some of the other maps could have something similar of this kind also, but this was the map that came to mind…


  • Some of the weapon, mostly range weapons and Guns could get some more Ooomph! to them and tweaking the sound or recording real life guns instead and replace them. Audio has alot to say, just look at horror games. its half of the experience.

  • Same goes for “Grenades/bombs”

  • Give Handgun/pistols/shotgun “bulletshells dropping sound” leaving the firearm after you fired just for immersion…

  • Add some more Music/tones to the keep just for the heck of it? ( like the beer map event…?? )


This i think are not intentional or how they are suppose to work…

  • Handgun : This goes for both Kruber and Bardin versions. If you see a blightstormer FAR away in the distance that your team havent noticed , sometimes when you shoot him and your crosshair is pointing right at him ofcourse, the Hit doesnt register. This happens almost daily when im playing the game (at long distances). Think it has something to do with bullets and arrows dissapear at a certain distance maybe.

I would think as long as your able to see the enemy on your screen you should also be able to hit/kill them. Bullets shouldnt vanish in thin air or an invisble wall or whats causing it.

  • Crossbow : When you zoom with the crossbows they have a very weird view just while its zooming in. Like it “clips” the screen as a frame or some kind of weird motionblur around the edges of the screen.

Maybe the crossbow zoom interfere if you have your field of view over 75 in the game settings. Something weird with it anyway atleast. Havent noticed this on any other weapons, why im sure its not meant to be that way. (Kinda hard describe it without seeing it yourself ingame or video)

  • On the Horn of Magnus quest, on top of the roofs with 2 small bridges where a patrol and horde usually shows up just before you enter the tower. Noticed you cant jump (Slayer ult f.eks) standing on one of the side of the rooftops and jump sideway onto the bridge. A sienna went down on the other side of the bridge and i was trying to ult my way over there to save her since the bridge was allready full of horde/elites.
    My hero instantly fell and hanged onto the side of the roof instead even if i could see where i was suppose to land.
    Making me look like a fool instead of the “hero move” i was trying to make lol…

I would quess its an invisble wall since your not suppose to fall all the way down to the streets below.

QUESTS : (the carrot we all need for something to work towards all the time)

  • You get one chest quest per day like it is now. Add another one daily but this doesnt unlock a chest.
    You get a quest like f.eks you have to slay one particular enemy (250 - 700) /Monster one type per quest given ( 1 - 3) /Elites one type per quest given (30 - 100) /specials one type per quest given ( 4 - 15)

This gives you think of it like an indian collecting sculls. You collect materials from the specific enemy your slaying depending on the quest.

With this “materials” you could use to either work towards unique cosmetics maybe tied to the enemy?, or art paintings. Or a colour for cosmetics or weapon skins or Gloves or braclets or a necklace or something you could add to your hero. (since this is mostly a first person game and you see mostly your arms and weapon like 90+ % of the time.

Could be alot of different things also, like just portraits around your hero…

You could turn the material into a spesific colour (one colour is one type of enemy).
If you get enough bottles of one colour one kind after doing several ‘quest one enemy’ you can add it too multiply an armor. legs alone, helmet/hat, torso, weapons? cape colour? hair colour and also beard colour (dawi) and dont forget mustache colour . } : )

  • Add a Beer Barrel in the keep, that the heroes are able to take one daily drink at the bar giving you a random daily/24 hour bonus.
    Giving you a positive or negative (Do you dare?) Effect,trait, or similar at random times during the missions that day showing as an icon in the bottom left just like ultimates,talents.

  • Talking about cosmetis add some gritty worn veteran items. (Making them look like they been on the road for a long time) this is warhammer universe after all.

PS. why isnt in all thats holy! my ironbreaker not getting a goddamn pimp cape and horned helmet shining under the sun, making him as tall as kruber while wearing it if you measure with the horns… making the slave rats crumble just looking in his direction.

PS.PS. Add some chaos hounds to the beasment rooster (Fast,agile, dodges around after each attack and able to pin your hero down chugging on your face. comes in packs with a beastmen hound master maybe leading them)


They did add a light breeze to the grass on Against the Grain in the WoM beta, so it’s possible they’ll do more work on these eventually.

Goreksson was finally no longer locked in a duel to the death with the tall yellow bois.


I don’t know about a skull collection, but a trophy collections with more trophies in the trophy room wopuld be appreciated.

EDITED: Or rather, I if we’re going to add both a skull collection and essentially a headhunter quest for each day, each character could also use a Khornate Career or a special mode where the characters comes like follower of the Blood God. Heaven knows I loved the event with a Khorne theme some time back. :smiley:


You could call it a skull collection i quess or headhunter quests. But was more of an example for what kind of quest it would be. Just some kind of other quest giving you something else, then the regular chests we have now. Im not short on chests allready, since its the only thing you can aquire at the moment.

My chest are just filling up standing there looking pretty, since have no reason to open any of them.

  • They could add a blacksmith at the forge like seen in the bogehafen dlc trailer at 0:30 ish in the video (the dwarfen blacksmith you see there i quess would fit) where you could trade in different materials you gained on your quests and missions. In return he could forge unique weapons for you and armors and helmets +++

  • A long stretch… but he could also forge different kind of ammo ( bullets,arrows and such )
    Where you could bring an extra ammo pouch on your hero. where you could switch between your prefered ammo type with a keyboard button. (Say if Undead/vampires ever made it into the game down the line. you could gather silver for making silver bullets and arrows.

  • Or they could add a dye/alchelmy table where you could duplicate skins into another colour tied to the quest you given depending on the material you gotten (one type of material tied to one colour maybe) armors, helmets, hair & beard colours, capes, weapons etc…

  • Or you gather “notes” or something similar while on regular quests at random locations through the maps. You could use them at a quest/deed table to "make your own quests/deeds.
    Where you could go crazy with what happens on a quest if you gathered enough.
    Deeds would have to get its own lobby in public though, where people could search for active deeds instead of having to find a group through thirdparty programs like discord,reddit. O they would just collect dust in your inventory also.

And about the trophy room, peronally i think it should be just for bosses that arrives in dlc’s & expansions.

Throphy room is a cool thing, but its something you go look at one time 99% of the people playing, then you kinda forget the room is even there. It doesnt bring any gameplay or anything other to do with it after you aquired it. I dont fire up vermintide thinking… oh man i miss staying in that trophy room looking at 5 - 6 different 3d models for hours.

Cosmetics,portraits,weapon skins even paintings on the other hand is something you see everytime your playing the game even if you want or not.

Trophy room is like your attic or basement at home, something you dont want to throw away but Its just there “collecting dust”.

So i dont think throphy room of all things are were the focus on new things should be. but its maybe just me. Much prefer an evolving game, with new type of quests keeping people going and new mechanics and such.

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I like this idea. I would just broaden it up a little and just say it could be minor buffs to various aspects paid in the crafting materials. It would give veteran players who have everything something to put their mats into.

Think of the buffs from quests in VT1.

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Could be some ammo only specialized for monster f.eks. like poision or similar slows the monster down for a short duration after landing several shots. (only their movement and not their attacks)

Or you could have arrows “dipped in oil” encouraging teamplay by having : one hero shoots the monster several times with arrows, then sienna/ bardin flamewaffle or a single fire bomb after could lit them on fire for a short duration. Doing some extra tick DMG until the fire goes out.

The extra ammo pouch would only work on certain enemies or very minimal damage to others, just so it doesnt add more ammo in general to all classes.

Didnt get to play VT1 alot so i dont know all their old system. Remeber some daily quest gave you minor buffs for 1 day or some hours and such only.

I’d love to see some kind of consumable item slot you can equip before the game. Some could be specialized defensive tools, like a boot knife that can get one Gutter Runner off you (but only a Gutter Runner), or a blessed charm that lets you escape one Leech, et cetera. Or it could be a different ammo type, a little extra ammo, or just new kinds of boons. Maybe some of the ones you could get from doing bounty board quests from game 1. These could get quite varied.


I’m not agree about new attacks… they seem too random.

If you mean that to me, I don’t mean new attacks, just like “a gutter runner pounces you, your item knocks it off automatically” kinda thing.

But that’s just a minor part of the idea; the main part being the idea of consumable items you can take on missions. Buying/making them with currency gives you something to do with that, and gives another layer of options and choice. :slight_smile:

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I was talking about OP ideas, like Chaos Spawn and its random attack with more range

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That was kinda the point about the Monsters being around even from VT1, Still using the same attack animations and such.
It sounds random on paper i agree. But have you played games like the Souls series?
Every enemy and bosses have different kind of attacks, and when you met them several times or died horribly several times… your mind or built in memory… starts too remeber “the start of every animation” or “attack”.

Would work as add in “new attacks, animations” based on your difficulty your playing.
Like Champion introduces some then Legend more and Catacylsm Have everything.

The way it is right now i find most of the Bosses trivial by now. Standing infront of a rat ogre hitting one or two times, he charges the ground basically everytime. then you repeat,repeat,repeat.
Thats not challenging when you know the pattern. While the rest of the squad can stand there doing DMG without caring about a thing in the world.

Hordes on the other hand should not get new attacks, they are too many. There is allready enough chaos going on since there are so many of them. Why mention only Monster/mini bosses.

But everyone has different opinion, so i hear ya!

Sounds good, just something too use all the materials/scrap you collected on. anything…

Would have to be balanced properly though. Maybe something like this (depending on what consumable you have chosen to bring) they could only be used if 2 team mates are allready downed, or your the last man standing.

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Regarding OP’s suggestion on monsters; it would be good if they added one “special” attack to every boss monster, something that they do understand certain circumstances - like if everyone is wailing on the Chaos Meatball while someone else is dodge-dancing him, he could temporarily grow more tentacles and thrash about, giving himself some space. Right now, a lone boss is just a slight roadblock, because four players can hack it down so easily. Roger could do a longer-reach belly slam that requires a side-dodge, so he can’t just be perfectly dodge-danced in place for an eternity. Stormfiend could start a fire under his feet to force you to back off, then launch a lot of projectiles into the air, becoming like an MMO fight where you have to dodge where they’re going to land, with subtle indicators. Troll could have a lot of weird options; maybe it grows large acid-filled boils that will splash on players who hit them, so you wanna pop 'em from a distance or else hit another area.

These special attacks should serve a role beyond just changing things up, they should actively punish players for getting complacent while fighting them, and reward smart play. They should be something you fear getting hit by, but also be fair so that you can recognize them when they’re about to happen and react appropriately. These also should be set up to not really trigger if the players are already hard-pressed by hordes and specials; I think the idea is that they should spice up a solo boss, because right now they’re so easy to counter-play when alone.


I don’t think I want more unexpected attacks with how quickly bosses sometime change aggro. I would be fine with for example some sort of occasional AoE push so monster gets some breating room.

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Yeah you hit the nail with Monsters just being a Roadblock as they are right now.

Atleast for Champion,Legend (veteran players). Why mentioned earlier the harder difficulty you play on the more variations of attacks the Monsters would get, keeping the game fresh and unpredictable.

But i quess most people prefer their safe and cousy tactic that can be applied to every Boss, and not keeping them on their toes.

A summary of how each Monster fight usually turns out:

  • Roger : 1.Hero stands infront of the boss and dodges backwards, Roger slams the ground in frustration wishing he had more attacks, hero laughs and keep dodging backwards into oblivion…
    You get the drill by now. Keeping aggro while the rest of the team can do DMG in a safe enviroment thinking about what socks they are gonna wear tomorrow.
    This takes about a minute if there isnt a Horde around to keep 1. Hero busy if he has good Hordeclear or 2 if needed.

  • Troll : 1.Hero stands infront of the boss dodges sidesteps instead (usually left) keeping aggro while the rest of the party… rest, same as above^^

  • ChaosSpawn : Can be alittle bit trickier, but same drill as Roger. This one you dont even have to dodge, you can just walk backwards and forward again while attacking just keeping outside the range of the 2 different attacks He throws your way. Not very hard when you know the drill… rest, same as above^^

  • Stormfiend : A mix of all above,same applies… just watch out for that green thingy on the ground sometimes.

For those who play this game above veteran difficulty and had some hours in the game, think Monsters aren’t really a threath at all as they are now, atleast when there isnt a Horde around too keep 1 - 2 Heroes busy.

Monsters should be something the team Fears when they show up. And it should take a Team effort to put the monsters/bosses down.
Not just an Overgrown Hitbox with an exploit that can be used on everyone of them.

(Was about to say with an Overgrown HPbar also, but when i see a shade or someone using f.eks a brace of pistols or something similar putting the monsters to rest in less then 30 seconds or less, wouldnt call it that either).


Yes, I agree. And I get it that for newer players, or just not expert ones, monsters can still be scary. I remember back when I first started playing VT1, monsters were basically a “ahhh run away!” if it was targetting you, or else face-tank it because everything does so little damage. I think if these tougher attacks were made to trigger under specific circumstances - taking into account number of aggroed enemies, for instance - they could make solo boss fights more interesting, without making it too hard for players who don’t have hundreds of hours in on the highest difficulties.

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There could be many ways to implement something like this as you say.^^
(the first time a monster showed up… i liked that feeling. i dont have that feeling anymore though… mostly because of the cheesy exploits you can do on them all).

As a Monster usually shows up at the same time as a Horde right. So when they both arrive at the same time, there is actually some chaos and unpredictability allready going on with both monster and horde to think about.
This phase is allready pretty good in the game as it is now (all creds to FS!)

But when the Horde starts too minish is when the Monsters starts to show their “Basic”,“Easy” or “Weak” side or how to put it.

Maybe one of the best way could think of right now, would be to give the Monster Aggressivestates” tied too how much HP or How long you have been fighting the Monster.

  • The less HP the Monsters have the more aggressive state they would get in.
    Say a Monster have f.eks 5000 HP. When the heroes have taken him down to 3500 HP they start to become more aggressive giving them some new attack on top of the ones they have allready.
    They also start switching up their Target/Heroes they are trying to kill more often.
    (Or they go for the ones that are doing the most DMG or attacks to them as think it is how it works in the game today)

At the first state Monster are in they are easier which make sense since this is the phase when everyone, or 1 - 2 heroes are allready occupied with a horde allready.

  • State 1 : From 5000 HP down too 3500 HP there is the usual monster as it is in the game today.

  • State 2 : From 3500 HP down too 2000 HP monster is more aggressive. The team have too start using thir wits and team effort to take the monster down. By now hordes should soon be over with by this point, making our heroes be able to join back forces again and giving that sienna who just joined legend for the first time some breathing room after handling the monster by herself for awhile after watching “How too kite every Monster in VT2 like a true boss in 1.2.3 instruction video” on youtube.

  • State 3 : From 2000 HP down too lets move on boys… Monster is in their most aggressive state. And by now there should be no horde left if everyone managed to survive until now. And our team… not one purple pot given to shade(in my opinion) have to work togheter to put the monster down.
    This “Final” state the monsters use every attack or specials if they would have any in their arsenal.
    Kruber and bardin does not alt-tab out of the game start reading the latest umgak news on vtreddit while a shade or similar finish of the monster in 2 seconds as it work today…
    This new state they would’nt have time for sunday strolls while shade do everything in a few seconds, if they want to finish off the monster before a new sound of the horn starts showing up.

Recruit and Veteran: Be the same as they are today. Call it “state one” where the Monster are not changed in anyway from how they are today.

Champion: By now people have gotten a grip of the game and are looking for more challenge.
Monster have 2 states. You start noticing you cant just dodge spam your way into oblivion anymore.
“This actually start feel challenging! and damn… i never seen this monster pull out this super sayian moves before! I like it! This feel refreshing!”

Legend, and soon.tm Cataylsm : Now your starting to move into “pro vermintide” category. You learned all aspect of the game. Monster have all “3 states” of aggressiveness. The team really have to start work togheter to be able to slay this monster or there no going back to Lohner and the keep again…
Would make the game for those who played both VT games for a long time something refreshing, more unprecitable under certain cirumstances ofcourse etc… and new players all the way from Recruit upp too catacylsm something new along the “journey” to the top.

It should involve more team effort and the monster to not feel like a overgrown slaverat with the same exploit every game. Be it dodge dance with the boss or a purple conc pot taking down the Monster in less then 10 secs…

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They were definitely harder during the VT2 beta though/at launch. People later complained it was lot easier to take them out using ranged weapons so rather than nerf ranged FS buffed melee vs monsters (imo a bit too much), and now they’re pretty trivial. I remember getting wrecked by them at launch, even on the lower difficulties, as newbs (and playing with a friend who mainly plays first person games, and competitively at that). I got a friend to try the game out recently and the monsters were a cakewalk for him (he had never played before and hadn’t played a first person game in years).

FS could easily use that difficulty scale they have (the name escapes me) that’s based on the number of specials/enemies around to adjust the boss accordingly, so the boss is at its hardest when no specials/hordes are around, at middling strength when you’ve got a few specials leaping about and then as they are now when you’re being utterly swarmed by other enemies.


Threat and Intensity are the names of the two mechanics. :slight_smile: Threat is a number where each enemy alive gives a value towards a threshold (like a Slave Rat = 1, Chaos Warrior = 12). The cap on Legend is 60, I believe, after that point it won’t spawn any more enemies, though you can still aggro ambients.

Intensity is more complex, and involves enemy proximity, damage being dealt, and damage taken.


Here I was hoping that they’d just be really hard when there were no enemies around and 3x that hard when there were :stuck_out_tongue: I want an Archaon-Blessed death-storm until I scrape my way free of the minis to finally square off with a Rat-Ogre.

There’s part of me that wants to play it so that when a monster arrives, it spells death for the team 30% of the time at least. Any less than that means that they’re just another road-block.

Then again, I suppose your theory-crafting makes more sense… and seems more reasonable :wink: