Game Ideas

First of all the artwork is awesome but I feel the game lacks a few things

since this is 40k I feel it needs more of a grim look as in the hive it’s really not a place you want to go it would be dark, and cramped with a lot of tight spaces it just feels to open what I would like to see in the game.

music with hoards it’s really dull right now

please please change the bloody net dude if he hits you that’s you dead we need some sort of way to break free

as for the las rifles, they are energy weapons so what is the need for ammo? Lasguns are cheap in 40k so how about the weapon overheating?

more bosses please right now over the 30/40 missions I have done I have had 4 bosses and they don’t even come with hoards!

ending a mission I think it would be cool that the extraction to be further away and on mission complete a mass hoard and I mean mass so much so that you can’t beat them you just have to leg it to the ship
and at the end, you have guardsmen who come with the extraction team to provide cover while you run for your life.

weapons I hope to see a more varied range as 40k sure do know how to make things that kill you!

the scenery is meh would be cool if you could see guardsmen fighting from a distance as right now it’s just bland like chicken soup haha

auto turrets for big fights ofc with a set amount of ammo would also be cool to have destructive environment parts being blown off walls as most people now have pretty good rigs!

bugs I find it annoying when mobs spawn right on top of you or when you can see them spawn it takes the fell away from playing the game! and not to mention the crashes I and many others have had it made me want to refund the game but lucky I am a huge 40k fan also what with the loop of the same dialogue between characters I must have listened to the same line over 40 times now it gets old fast

this is my first ever time giving feedback but I would love to know what others think of my ideas