Sugestions for the Main Game

Hello! I’ve been playing the pre-order beta for Warhammer 40K darktide and been having a lot of fun with it. I Couldnt find a general thread for suggestions, so I decided to create one.
( if there is already one, just close this one or mearge it!)
Anyway, post suggestions you think it would be cool to see when the game launch, or in the near future!
STORES Didnt like the way you get weapons in the beta. You depend mainly on luck to get weapons or variants, many times waiting many cycles until you find a different one that you whant to play with.

  • Maybe put different stores for the different classes of weapons, or you can buy weapon tokens, so that there is a bigger chance to appear the class of weapon that you whant during the new cicles of random weapons on the stores

  • Another suggestion is different vendors for mele, ranged and curio. You could put a larger selection in each vendor, and also you help to “populate” de hub
    VOICES: Minor issue, but more voicelines please! Also more interactions would go along way to create the ilusion of the characters poking at each other. Many runs i have heard the same interaction, in the same lines more than 4 times during the same stage.

  • I noticed that characters with the same voice dont interact with each other ( witch make sense). Maybe characters with the same voice could interact with each other, maybe that contribute to the repeat voice interactions. A way to fix is to have characters with the same voice also interact with each other, maybe a unique interaction when both of them have the same voice?

  • Also, give us a “For the Emperor” voice line please =D. ( If there is one, i heavent heard it) Its almost a sin to have a 40k, and none of the characters say this.

  • Skullbreaker and Psyker feels very distinct witch is very good! But zealot and sharpshooter feel very similar, especialy in the early stages of the game. They do get more distinct as you unlock feats and new weapons, but maybe unloking these new weapons early would help to separate each class, so pealo can enjoy these classes!

  • Skullbreaker on higher difficulties are alot harder to play, beacause of their size and lower capabilities to deal with specials at long range. Maybe increase their shield, or give them a trait to have reduced damage to the shield from range attacks, or even increase their mobility. this would help greatly make other weapons viable at higher difficulties!

  • Make your bots be you other created characters, just like in vermintide! It would help the runs where there is no one joining. Also it would encourage people trying other classes and leveling up these classes. They are fun, but you do need to put some time in each to be able to see how fun they are ( again in the problem of the early game and classes feeling kinda the same)

  • Make bots be able to pick up grimoires and tomes please! It would help a lot hehe. If the could pick up healing and ammo boxes also would be cool. They dont need to use it, just hold it and give to player when they dont have anything in the slot. ( I think vermintide had this aswell, so maybe you guys are already planning on implementing this?)

  • Another fix for this is letting the player carry more than one book? Especially if you are a solo.

  • Bots AI seem very bad, especialy when enemies are far way. I feel like the Bots in vermintide were better, but darktide is a far more complex game, so that could be it. Dont know how to fix this one, sorry hehe. Just tought a should put it here, havent seen many complaints about this

  • Game feels a bit to grindy for me, especially in the early game, if its your second or third character. Maybe reduce the requirement for the early lvls. Would help the game open up a bit faster and for us to get a feel for the different class we are playing. Also it would help progression for getting access to the different weapons and playstiles, so we can experiment more. Leave the latter levels with a high requirement, so we have enough time to experiment with the differente feats, weapons and playstyles.

  • More cosmetics and different looking pieces of clothing. Would help alot with the sense of individuality and progression. ( Im sure this is comming along the way, but wanted to address the problema anyway)

  • We need more maps! Maybe is the beta effect, but it seems like I was playing the same 3 maps allday. More distinct maps would help break the feeling of repetition.

  • Another solution is maybe improve the rotation of the map pool. Somethimes a mission ended just for the same mission appear again, and again and again.
    ( Yes, i know that there are few missions right now, and they do plan on putting more missions and maps in the future, but since the game is a bit grindy , this becomes a very evident problem)

  • Why the hell doesnt every mission have scriptures or grimoires to collect? They dont need to have both of them, but one variant would be cool! Missions without secondary objectives feels an inferior version of the missons, and some times a bit of a waste of time.

  • A way to fix it would be missions allways having secondary objectives. And some special missions having both secondary objectives, with better rewards. Maybe these missions would also have 2 mission moddifiers? Would make things alot more intresting!
    ( That would also need for the characters to be able to carry more than one book, so we could acomplish both objectives in one go, or at least try)

Anyway, these are some of my toughts on how to Improve the game. I’ve been hyped for this game for a while and you guys didnt disapoint! Thanks for the excelent game and keep on the great work!