Just a couple of things that I have in my head since starting the beta

First of all, I’m really enjoying the game. I didn’t play Vermintide, and it’s the first game of it’s type I’ve really been super keen on. I’ve been playing Games Workshop games for the last 30+ years.

The game looks and sounds like Warhammer. Well done. The vibe works. Gameplay is very fun, and I feel like a badass Inquisitorial.

The 4 classes are cool enough. I’ve only got limited game time, so I’ve poured it all into my Sharpshooter. I’ve had a small try of all of the classes, but nothing in depth. I would like to see some options for classes or subclasses from other aspects of Inquisitorial Law. I believe that the Admech should have it’s own class that focuses on the technical aspects of a mission, a better Auspex, and be able to use the auspex to find secondary mission targets and materials. I hope that level 30 is just the start, and that we will see subclasses that build on the base 30 levels. Ratlings. SoB.

The requisitions are fun, but some of the challenges are brutal. I’d also like to see a reduction in the cost to reroll, because frankly some challenges just can’t be done in the time I have available, and I don’t make enough currency to afford to find ones that I can complete for the +1000 for completing them all.

I hope the range of weapons go up, and I hope we get some choices of optics for our weapons. As a sharpshooter, there’s only so much the Emperor can do for my aim, the rest is prescription lenses. Can we also get cybernetic upgrades? bionics and cybernetics are a huge part of the 40k universe and give interesting opportunities for abilities.

Cosmetics are super cool, tbh. I’m really interested in the exploration of lore though skins. I hope we get campaign specific skins too, as in if there were to be special events having skins that show you fought in those particular campaigns would be rad.

Faces need more customisation, as does hair. Current theory looking around the Mourningstar is that we’re actually just grown from a limited genetic stock which is why Zola recognised us as potentials.

I want to see conflict/cooperation between our current Inquisitorial retinue and another. Doesn’t need to be fighting them, but they could offer missions that aren’t exactly in line with what Grendyl needs to do.

Speaking of the top dogs, I noticed in the final cinematic that the exec staff are standing on a ledge, but standing to one side. I can’t wait to see who will be on the other side, because it looks obvious that it’s being left open.

Last thing for the moment, I want to talk about the Meat Grinder. Cool idea, boring execution. I like being able to test my weapons, but ideally I want to test them against an active foe, so having a controllable and configurable horde spawning and attacking you would be really good. Also, when you walk to the exit of the meat grinder it says press e to exit, but will exit anyway if you enter the space. I’ve been caught by this a couple of times and it really sucks having to load out, then load back in. Another cool thing would be to have a shuttle service to a controlled portion of the hive where where could sit and practice aim and weapon control, or drop into a safe(ish) spot and chop up some heretics. We get to keep the population down and get practice in too! Make it multiplayer, and add crazy pennances, and even events to clear out particularly nasty offensives from the training zone.

Anyway, really just gushing. I love the game, and cant wait to see what’s next.

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Just wanted to add that the wait until release is killing me. Can’t wait to get back to slaughtering heretics.