Better UI Info Please!

I understand that the user interface and available information are purposefully simplified, in order to maintain a certain level of accessibility and avoid overwhelming new players. The game’s design seems focused more on the immersive gameplay experience than intricate strategizing.

However, there’s a significant portion of the player base, both veterans and newer players, who appreciate those finer details. As players progress, they often develop a keen interest in refining their builds. Consequently, having access to comprehensive in-game feedback and detailed statistics becomes invaluable.

When it comes to player talents, many specifics remain obscured, which could benefit from more transparency. For instance, the ‘Reikland Reaper’ talent boosts power levels by 15% when ‘Paced Strikes’ is active. If a player chooses this talent, they should be able to view in-depth information about ‘Paced Strikes’, including the player’s total attack speed and power during its activation.

The current Bestiary and Armory sanctioned mods, while helpful, are not entirely comprehensive or up-to-date. It’s my belief that such features ought to be officially integrated and supported by the game’s developers. Alongside existing information, I suggest introducing dynamic figures indicating a player’s cleave, stagger, damage, damage-over-time (DOT), and so on, all in line with their current power level. For somewhat abstract concepts like stagger, a numerical scale (e.g., 1-10) would provide a helpful frame of reference where 10 is high enough to knock over a plague monk on Cataclysm. Furthermore, players should have the option to visualize how their selected talents and abilities influence these stats by being able to toggle them from a display showing what buffs are available based on their talents, abilities, potions, and item traits.

To complement the bestiary and armory, I propose the introduction of combat dummies, representative of different enemy types. This would include variants for infantry, berserker, armored, and monster types, both in Chaos and Skaven variants, creating a total of eight unique dummies. Surprisingly, no sanctioned mods currently offer such a feature.

Lastly, having visibility of the team’s health points, potion, ability cooldown timers, ammo/heat levels, and indications of specific Necklace traits (like ‘Natural Bond’ or ‘Hand of Shallya’) would greatly enhance team coordination. Although there are sanctioned mods that offer these features, official support would not only make these more accessible but also ensure they are supported and up-to-date.


You can try this link for damage and for stagger.

Remember that there are two cleave values, one for damage cleave and one for stagger cleave, for each attack. Check this other link.

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Yes, I’ve seen that. I just think it’d be neat to have an in-game way to see detailed info and stats. I didn’t cover every stat.

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EDIT: realised I’m just ranting after writing this.

TBH I just think it gives incorrect information a lot of the time, and they was just lazy with changing any of it due to guides. Every so often they change one Talent tooltip, but you never see them change the ones that actually barely add any % to the stat it’s supposed to be modifying at all. Imagine seeing a 0.25% modifier on something. lmfao

I spent a lot of time testing different builds and and interactions, but could never be bothered with testing specific numbers, because I noticed a lot of the time guides would say “IT’S NOT ACTUALLY 25% OF THE THING THAT IS SAYS IT’S 25% OF” or “ACTUALLY IT’S NOT POWER IT’S JUST RAW DAMAGE AND IT’S NOT 10% IT’S”.

Stagger values and Stagger Cleave values are probably the one breakpoint I would like to see, or specific damage Cleave with things like Greatswords and Ranged Weapons. Other than that, I mostly just take sniping ones, as you’re in a game with other people who make breakpoints pointless anyway (unless you’re doing Gutter Runner spawn, insta leap noclipping through 10 Chaos Warriors and a Boss, buggy spin, leap SIDEWAYS slide off wall, catch you despite being more than 5ft away simulator true solos).