Hub, HUD indicators, consistent secondary objectives

HUB explanations
I believe it was mentioned this was being worked on — but I’m not certain what exactly is being expanded on, so here’s stuff I’d like to see:

  • What do item levels even do?
  • Full leveling progress (it only shows a bar, not the exp needed)
  • “Quest” shortcut (I don’t know when the next step in the narrative is!)
  • Change “discard” to “scrap,” and preview how much it is to scrap before we do it. (I didn’t know discarding actually gave money until I got annoyed at a full inventory.)
  • Less menu screen switching
    • having to constantly go back and forth between inventory when we have the entire right side of the screen as real estate feels like a waste, and is strangely tiring. The Cosmetic switching is equally annoying, a little pop-in window would be much better.

HUD Indicators
While playing, I’ve noticed quite a few things that are odd or hard to read/interpret:

  • Ally ammo indicator, it doesn’t make immediate sense and doesn’t give a good idea of actual ammo levels. Percentage or a non-color visual representation would be better, or at least communicate more.
  • Ally consumable equipment indicator is really small and difficult to tell what they have — accessibility issue as someone with processing issues. Also, I don’t think it shows when someone has a tome, only grimoire.
  • Indicators for Allies in need of help doesn’t seem to be obvious enough for people! As friends it’s easy, but with randos it’s too frantic to notice things, and it’s so easy to ignore text chat on accident as you focus on the actual game.
  • Ping system doesn’t seem to be apparent enough either — someone will ping a medicae station yet I don’t even see it until I get close enough! It would be really useful to always have the indicator on the edge of the screen when out of view.

Secondary Objectives
Alright, so the thing that continually annoys and stresses me out while leaving me exhausted is looking frantically for grimoires and tomes. They can spawn ANYWHERE on the map? So the mission ends up taking twice as long as people are straining their eyes to look into every nook and cranny, and often getting themselves killed. It just isn’t a fun part of the loop. Some consistency there would be good.

Also, grimoire disappearing on death is extremely punishing and frustrating, please don’t do that.


  • Footsteps? I can’t tell when something is behind me really.
  • Let us have the soundtrack loops! I love it for my D&D sessions.