Ideas on how to improve control settings

  1. Allow to bind same key for different actions.
    2a. Allow rebinding controller keys.
    2b. Allow to turn off controller version of HUD.
  2. Allow multiple bindings for same action, including controller keys
  3. Allow turning off ruble for controller (I know it is hidden in user_settings.config along side left handed option but should be in the menus)
  4. Add bindings for Talents, Crafting, Cosmetics and Spoils of War.
  5. Add binding to “give” action.

The diver is still better than the green beret btw.

Of course he is. Throwing knives, harpoon gun and his diving equipment vs what? A decoy and and a little shovel?:joy:

“Maybe we should give em a haaand. . . Or a Knoife!”

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