*Idea* Downtime Activities in The Mourningstar

I’m sure this has been thought of previously however downtime activities would be a welcome feature in the future of Darktide, especially given that we have an open-ish lobby.

Reasoning behind this is best explained with an example,

I’m waiting for a strike teammate to finish customising or upgrading their operative, this can and has taken up to 10 to 15 minutes not that I’m complaining as I enjoy hearing them waffle on about the personality and synergies, I notice that there may be a few other players wandering either entertaining themselves as their happy with their builds or looking for interaction with others in the lobby to no avail.

I propose ideas that may have a joint business and consumer friendly approach that intend to keep the games interaction high as boredom and non-intended perma tabbing out may take place in waiting around The Mourningstar.

Exploring The Mourningstar,

The ship and it’s uniqueness in the universe and story this can be from a Nurgling infested toilet to “sssshhhhh” an Archive with excerpts from the Black Library. This will not be a endless sway of entertainment however it would be a great way for devs to express and make The Mourningstar thier own and perhaps add story to people’s character, ie, my Ogryn’s room is on the 9th sleep deck.

A bar/cafeteria

Buying drinks/slop is a great gesture that commemorate and add buffs to players you may have just met, that you think personally did well that last game or, a new player you want to help out with leveling or standing a better chance. Ogryns can and will drink more. Your character may also just be hungry for crying out loud, I never see my Ogryn Bill-O-Tache eat a thing.

Player Arena,

Nothing out of the ordinary here and it’s probably been expected however, my Ogryn main has always wanted to go and 1v1 another Ogryn as we stare at eachother wordless in the lobby, surely things like this have happened on The Mourningstar in the past.


I know, really? BOWLING, no, not really bowling, something more lore-accurate, a ‘skill’ based activity that requires no load screen just a simple hop in and out, it would hopefully provide a more social activity that may lead to an invite to yours or their Strike team.

Servo-Skull racers,

Here’s one that I’m particularly liking the sound of more and more, Servo-Skull races. There are black market weapons available on The Mourningstar, how about black market style betting on who beats who. It doesn’t even have to be based around a reward system it’d just be fun and may tie into the exploration of Tertrium or The Mourningstar. Be as it may for ghe sake of funding, Servo-Skull sosmetics?

Personal ‘Room’

Whether it’s a bunk bed or a cubicle with a locker, as we go into our ‘Operative’ menu it would also be nice to see where our character actually dwells when we’re not playing. There is more to this, we could also see our penances in physical form displayed somewhere whether it’s trophies or paraphernalia from Tertrium.


I’ll leave this one to fester, food for thought.


Great game so far Fatshark you’re doing a great service to general gamers and Warhammer Enthusiasts.


Would absolutely Support that.

Since Fatshark bothered making a Common Hub Area. We should also make use of it and allow some extra Activities there.

A rec room with lfg options would be great.
Have all the missions posted up and you just post it up with the description (want to do this penance.) and mini games that are just button mashers like monster hunter arm wrestling or practise shooting against others with a score board.

The extra activity is oogling other players awesome premium cosmetics! Gaze upon their stylish beauty and be envious!

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This is a 40k game, there is no relaxation, only war.

Target practice for points.

Not really true.