Minor Social Hub quality of life improvement to Darkstide (LONG)

I want to preface this request with my own acknowledgement that this request is very minor and will not effect my enjoyment of the main gameplay loop at all if not implemented just a suggestion that I would appreciate and allow me to put darktide on a separate monitor as background music and background visuals aswell as i attend to other obligations at work (computer) or at home for relaxation.

With that said now onto my request- I would really appreciate it if the area in the image link below could be used as an AFK area.
I personally love the aesthetic of the hub area for example; I love the gentle melody of the Emperor’s choir singing in the background, I love the NPC’s having their lil’ chats on the Vox to one another.

From where my character is looking (from the image down below) there are guardsmen/guards/armymen walking on a metal bridge above and makes the hub feel alive so i’d face my camera there so I get to see not only that but also other player characters spawn in after a mission and run off into the direction of either the shop, the tech priest, Sire Melk for contracts or off to the Holographic mission map to hold another contest with just a portion of the planet sized army that worship the chaos God Nurgle.

I suggest this area in particular as it doesnt seem to have any use at the moment (I dont have a lvl 30 character yet so idk if this is just a locked feature atm) or just unused space currently, waiting for developers to develop a service it could function.
If it is unused space I’d recommend making it a “social hub of sorts” maybe a small mess hall/pub/bar or a lil cafe that our characters can rest in between very hard and draining missions. Most missions my character would’ve have killed atleast 1000 chaos worshipers along with my team or almost killed by those thousands of chaos worshippers. Thats bound to take a tole on any soldier no matter how Pious or Renowned they are. Or in the psycher’s case, used the warp an outrageous and dangerous amount to combat the chaos, along with help the team, which is bound to make him weak and vulnerable to daemon possession or other dangers from the warp.

In summary I would really appreciate any area where my character could rest for RP reasons and to watch life on the “Morning Star” carry on as players run down hallways and toward other the services that the Morning Star Provides. Maybe sip on a beer or eat some corpse starch or at least have a chair to sit down in and/or put his legs up to rest even if just for a moment before they embark on yet another holy conquest.

I deeply appreciate it if anyone has read down this far, Fatshark staff or forum browser, Thank You =) -and may the Emperor guide your righteous conquest on the planet of Atoma

In the Link below I’ve attached an image of-
-The Area in Question-

an hour after posting and I have realized there is one thing in this game that would awkward to fit in! quite litterally actually
The Ogryn¬! I dont know what to do for him as for resting in this social area I have concocted within my mind, he is MASSIVE and any ordinary sized chair would be useless to him as he would snap any puny chair he attempts to sit in!
maybe a gouge into the wall where the scroll-shelf and metal reinforce the intact area of the wall so he at least has a makeshift bench to rest at. and with the ogryn seating at the edge of the room all the human seating could be within the middle of the room at 4 person tables with chairs, or even metal stools at the bar/counter top that drink and corpse starch gets served at.

this message is way more of a ramble than the last one, so i do apologize for the confusing read if it was.
also this is a heavily romanticized version then I am asking for than in my previous request, so please bear that in mind, and also please recall that I previously remarked that “the non inclusion of this request will not detrement my enjoyment of the games main gameplay loop which is smiting heritics”

I want to thank whomever is reading this aswell as the last post, as in retrospect I realize this is a very greedy and infact Major addition for the development team to include and I also understand that even IF the development team thinks this idea holds any merit that it’ll take at the VERY LEAST months of work or possibly even more as I cant say i’ve ever done any modeling/ animation work before, especially on an industry scale that these developers work at.
-“Emperor guide ye”-