Suggestion how to make the hub more "fun/alive/relevant"

It feels like lazily running around in syrup at the hob. To be honest it just feels like a tedious task being in the hub. But I do like the idea of the hub!

My suggestion is small and maybe not prioritized but I think it would help in making the hub feeling better.

  • Make the player movements more snappy/reactive.

  • Add emotes. Not slow emotes that locks your player into place. Think Mordhau/Deep rock galactic instead. If you add emotes that players are locked into, few will use em. Add /sit /kneel etc.

  • Make the environment more interactable. Being able to sit on benches. Buy drinks etc (again think Deep Rock galactic).

  • Maybe a barber? (Maybe that is coming judging by how one stand looks at the hub).

Just my few ten cents.


I like a lot of these ideas. Some of my favorite times in DRG were messing around the hub area.

I realize the aesthetic of both games are quite different, but even looking closer at something like Vermintide 2’s hub area you have little jumping puzzle areas, unique rooms for each of the Ubersreik 5, or 4 (it doesn’t matter), a little section that you can change your weapons and test attacks on dummys, etc: all within the same hub without hiding anything behind loading screens. Yes I realize the Psykharnium exists for weapons testing, but it’s behind a loading screen whereas in VT2 I could switch out my gear at the chest and go straight to town on my poor friends a poor dummy.

I love how the hub does feel more alive than Vermintide 2 with the NPC’s moving too and from their business, but there’s less little things to do and explore inside the hub.

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I’m not sure if the pre-order beta content is mostly the same as the actual game but I feel like there should be some sort of crafting here.

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  1. i want to be able to jump around in the hub. idc that its not tactically appropriate.
  2. i wan to give offerings to the god emporor, and i dont want to know that it is or is not doing anything for me (it better effing be doing something for me)
  3. i want to redo my characters hair in a hari salon in the hub.
  4. i want to play a mini game or 5 in the hub.
  5. i wan to craft items in the hub
  6. i want to pull my gun out and get yelled at in the hub.
  7. i want to burden other players with my hulking mass (walking through players is great… but also… dont let them walk through me, somehow, right)
  8. i want to feel like i am travelling to the moons i can see through the window. idc how basic or contrived the reason.
  9. i want to feel like there is a reason i am in the hub, and not a menu system (i love pre mission lobbies… but drg gives you the option of buying a beer, and the bonus isnt always the same, or even relevant to the mission… things like that make you feel like there’s a reason i have to load the lobby (even just meeting fellow players before playing), i want a reason to be on the AWESOME lobby you guys have built).
  10. thank you for this. its a blast.
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I like those ideas, especially jump and having your weapons equipped.