Suggestion on level design and general immersion concerning the Hub

Hello there, this game is awesomly design. The maps are, somehow, redundant when it comes to some of them as it feels you take the map backwards. I cant recall wich ones but i guess u know.

Also, i have suggestion concerning the level design on the ship and the hub:


Improve the contrast between light and dark areas in the Hub.
Improve the immersion regarding the ship and the players evolving in it.

The Contracts could be in another separate rooms, id say a refectory, like in cutscenes. A table with npcs with a tablet, 4 ppl can sit, and decide to complete a contract together as a strike team. Where ppl would actually hang up. And why not an Npc that allows to merge a strike team directly.
The Armory could be also somewhere near.
Basically what you did with Vermintide. The base felt as a comfy, resting place for a band. Here, it does not feels YET (cause great work nonetheless) that the character is a rejects, and then a proper warband recruit. The only cue that gives the impression of actually being part of the crew is the npcs lines when you go to select a mission. thats nice, but the level design could be also indicating that.

It feels like there is a part missing in between your arrival in the hub and the actual selection of mission. You just pop in the hall, go straight forward for mission, on the right to improve and the left to buy. Its very usefull and keeps players fast paced into action. BUT, in the other hand it (imo) disminish the feeling of immersion that could have been given form in some ways via level designing. As i mentionned above the possibilies that an actual 40k vessel gives in term of immersion could be more exploited. Imo, its all about where you decide to give an Alien clostrophobic vibe (im not talking about Geigger imagery even if…) and where u decide to give an High Gothic vibe. Generally speaking the more u spend time in clostrophobic areas, the more you enjoy the High Gothic ones and vice and versa. And that could be an intersting developpement for the player when he actually press space to process Inquisitorial clearance, that he arrives in a claustrophobic area that leads to the High Gothic Hub. if he decides to then do something with strike team goes to refectory, on the way, alien clostrophobic vibe, then refectory of a Monastery where he can do contracts, merge a team and so on, and so forth.

Thank you for hearing me out, the game is really the best immersive w40K on the market. And the decision made in designs are greats. Level design is very intersting on maps cause it allows a lot of counter fire, cross fire, holding positions.