My feedback & thoughts on the closed beta

I get that all content was not in the beta. I’m curious to see how much more there is because what I have played is very barebone.

The gameplay was good. Not as good as Vermintide. The shotgun for example feelt very plastic & the melee weapons I played did not have the same satisfying impact as in Vermintide.

The Hub is unnecessary. There’s no need for it. It’s just making everything more inconvenient. Especially when there are only three (four with the tutorial) intractable areas. It looked like there could be at least two more shops that were not in the beta but even then a Hub was not needed.
Just having a meny where you could easily navigate between everything would have been so much smoother. It would also remove the unnecessary loading screen when you switch operative.

The progression was slow & boring. It’s great that they moved away from loot boxes & re-rolling traits. They did however replace it with random weapons in a shop.
Which is arguably the same thing.
The problem with the shop is the same as crafting in Vermintide. I don’t see any point in using it until I reach the endgame. It’s a waste of resources to buy weapons that I will most likely replace the next rank.

I would rather have seen an unlock system for weapons. Unlocking attachments like different scoops, flashlights, red dots, attachments that improve specific stats, etc. More in the line with the Winds of magic dlc in Vermintide.

Same thing with your operatives. Just unlocking feats (traits) was a disappointment. I was hoping that you would unlock more abilities.

The game is not bad & they really captured the 40k universe. The music is incredible. However, I’m not sure I’ll buy it.

Here is some extra feedback.

  • Cosmetic

    • Add options for different eye colours on the right & left eye.
  • Hub

    • A map or UI icons for the different shops that you can turn on & off. Also key shortcuts to each shop.
    • Shooting Range
    • A way to quickly switch Operative in the hub.
    • Unlock weekly quests much sooner.
  • Combat

    • Shooting from cover. Super strange that there is no shooting from cover.
  • Shop

    • Compare weapons in the shop with the weapon you have equipt.
  • UI

    • When equipping a weapon stay in the weapon window so I can sell the old weapon right away. Right now the window closes when equipping a new weapon.
    • More information on what icons on weapons mean, what stats mean & information in general. A codex with the different enemy types would be handy. So you know what enemies are affected by properties & so on.
    • Show squads ammo. Not just when they are out of ammo. When below half show a yellow icon for example.
  • Weapons

    • Equinox Mk III Force Staff’s AoE kills don’t count as range kills for the weekly contract.
  • Enemies

    • Hard to see enemies. They melt in with the environment.
  • Contracts

    • Show the contract progression when in a game. In the Esc menu.

Please, please, PLEASE, no shooting from cover. Let’s not transform it into another gears game…