Sound will cut out at random , which leads to a freeze, and crash. Never happened before newest penance update

still not fixed after so long im going crazy it’s unplayable

Doesn’t help, game still fully broken.

I get this issue as well. Game audio cuts off/stutters a bit, then the game freezes, then resumes/disconnects with Error Code 2014.

I’ve tried all the fixes labeled above, and nothing has helped. No mods installed either, as those seem to make it worse.

we have not updated the experimental branch since last patch, i think it still works and if you have a session with stalls you can manually upload the log from such session and we might be able to track down what’s causing your stalls.

The next exprimental branch update will auto upload any stall longer than 1 s.

My game now works and whatever. But I have noticed something interesting. When I start up the game, and I press space or whatever, and theres the title loading screen. If I change the volume on my headphones during the loading screen. Then when I to the morningstar, the game will crash. If I dont temper with the audio , it doesnt happen.

So if I use experimental branch, I don’t have to manually upload the console logs? I’m a bit of a boomer and I don’t know how to upload the logs, so if that’s the case, that’s perfect for me lol.

yes. but hopefully we will make it automated today. Waiting for a build to succeed.

otherwise i think the logs should be in %APPDATA%fatshark/darktide if you paste that into your explorer.

Glad to hear that your issues has been resolved beside the crash.

you can upload a crashify link and i can take a peek on it if you want. But we also are in the middle of updating our soundengine to a much newer version, so it’s not unlikely that’s not an issue anymore in that version.

One reason for the update is bugfixes.

I have experienced a problem seemingly unrelated to the sound freeze crashes.

Sometimes, not always, it appears that you have hacked/coded the sound engine to prioritize burster ticking above all else. And I do mean above ALL else. To the point that the game almost goes completely silent aside from the ticking. I don’t mean the ticking gets so loud that it drowns everything else out (though it does get loud), I mean the game simply removes almost all other sounds, no matter how important they are or how close they are.

GUID: 8664b9e1-0ce2-4ffb-b39c-a5a87a0dd577
Log File:
Info Type:

20 mins down the drain due to crash. Yay.

sadly i can’t say how the priotization is handled. But likely a mix of sound design but also the sound engine. Meaning I don’t know if it’s a bug or not.

looks like the same crash as before. Best guess for updated sound engine would be next larger patch.