Sound will cut out at random , which leads to a freeze, and crash. Never happened before newest penance update

i noticed that there was a bug in the stall reporting as well so we might miss some relevant stalls. Will try make it fixed for 1.3.12.

This should help us if the cause is stalls

Could you change Close Range to be 15 meters as well in 1.3.12?

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i will forward this to another dev, since this is outside my area of expertise.

Yeah it happening again for us. We use only SSD. Probably we had lucky 2 games last time :frowning:
Problem still persist for all of us

So tired of this happening to myself
Dunno if this crash log will help, feels really random too. Some times it won’t happen at all, other times I get it every mission I try to play.

GUID: 93dc85bd-de4e-4725-8b2e-81e6eecf3c20
Log File:
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console-2024-06-09-20.05.28-93dc85bd-de4e-4725-8b2e-81e6eecf3c20.log (465.9 KB)
crash_dump-2024-06-09-20.05.28-93dc85bd-de4e-4725-8b2e-81e6eecf3c20.dmp (1.1 MB)