Constant audio cutouts/stuttering in game

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Ever since the penance update, whenever i launch the game and i am not in a menu of any kind, the game audio keeps cutting out for 0.2 to full seconds at a time. This problem is constant and persists.

I tried doing the file setting change of use_blocking_io = true :arrow_right: use_blocking_io = false that others in the forums recommended, but nothing changed.

This is every game, every match, it sounds like someone is pulling my headphones out of their jack constantly, and its only in Darktide, so it cannot be a hardware issue, unless it is focused solely on this game.

Please tell me this is something that is known and being fixed, its rendering the game unplayable and at this rate, i’ll just have to uninstall and give up on the game completely.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

Step 1: Launch the game
Step 2: Enter the Morningstar
Step 3: Presto

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No, I don’t use mods

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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and for the record, i tried reinstalling and verifying game files as well, with no results.

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