Some buff & talent fix - underperforming/misleading

Grail Knight Level10 - Virtue of Heroism

Problem: Currently the lest pick talent. Part of the reason is that this talent, unlike the description, does not give a stat_buff of power_level(which will give damage/cleave/stagger) but a buff that only increases damage(no cleave/stagger).

Suggestion: At least make its stat_buff become power_level_melee to increase damage & cleave. If the stat_buff becomes power_level will be better.

Iron Break Level10 - Rune-Etched Shield

Problem: Currently, this talent provides a stat_buff of power_level_melee, which means increase melee damage and cleave. Extremely unfriendly to range teammates and does not fit talent description. Could be a bug since pre-3.1 this slot is taken by Crushing Counter-Blow.

Suggestion: Change the stat_buff to power_level to benefit all types of players and match the description.

Battle Wizard Level10 - Volcanic Force

Problem: The only talent in the game changes the output of power_level rather than the output of scaled_power_level, making the damage calculation extremely complicated and most of the players will never find out where it gives a 50% increase.

Suggestion: Make the bonus testable on the dummy/less confusing. Like changes the stat_buff to power_level_range(but this way it will lose the cleave/stagger bonus). The best way is to let it change the output of scaled_power_level.

Pyromancer Level30 - Blazing Echo

Problem: It is a fun>powerful talent, and the addition of PRD makes it less powerful and less fun.

Suggestion: Remove it from PRD pool.


I just want to chime in and ask where you got the info of Kruber’s Virtue of Heroism from.

In the code I can find the following:


markus_questing_knight_parry_increased_power_buff = {
	buffs = {
			refresh_durations = true,
			icon = "markus_questing_knight_parry_increased_power",
			stat_buff = "power_level"

It says power_level.

Though I agree. I’d even take it a step further and give Kruber the buff after blocking any attack, and not only parrying them. This way, riposte stance for Bretonnian Longsword has a nice interaction with Grail Knight, waiting for a block from riposte stance and then counter attack with extra damage.

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Heroism is power on charge attack, not parry. Parry is Discipline. And I said lvl10 too :slight_smile:

Oh I’m an idiot. Sorry! You’re correct then. Here is the Virtue of Heroism code:

markus_questing_knight_charged_attacks_increased_power = {
	buffs = {
			stat_buff = "increased_weapon_damage_heavy_attack",
			name = "markus_questing_knight_charged_attacks_increased_power"

Personally I have never used this talent. I don’t know its use case…
Against singular Elites, your entire team can take them down, so in my opinion there is not really much value in reaching a certain breakpoint. And killing Elites during a horde, you’re way better off with Virtue of the Ideal. Same thing when fighting a Monster. Against a single Monster you don’t need the damage if all team mates are alive, and if you fight a Monster during a horde, Virtue of the Ideal is better again.

Though I don’t really know what to replace the talent with, either.

It’s about consistency. And honestly the number difference between these two are 5%, trading 5% for 100% up time is definitely worth considering. Plus I can’t see make a build that works in certain scenario is better than a build works in all scenario, but this is not the topic here.

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tbh there’s a few talents on GK that could use some polishing

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