Rework Grail knight level 20 talents

I would like to comment on a change that I thought would be a good to make the Grail knight a more interesting option and give it a unique identity according to the lore, and most importantly, make the character more versatile in different styles of play with cool new builds, removing the RNG from level 20 talents, and ultimately making it more fun to play.

It’s about completely removing the talent row from level 20 and its hated RNG, and replace them with 3 archetypes with different styles of play. Names of talents related to the Lady xD.

Talent 1: offensive.
Talent 2: defensive.
Talent 3: support.

1- Ofensive: 5% speed attack / 5% crit chance. (Killing 15/20 speccials).

2- Defensive: 15% damage reduction / 30% reduce block cost. This option can be and nice build with the 3rd talent of 25 level. (Killing 20/25 elites).

3- Support: 1hp health regen each 10 secs / 30% stamina regen. This option can be interesting with the passive of handmaiden, or also the 3rd talent of 25 level. (Taking a tome and a grim).

Thank you for reading. I would like to know your opinion on this, and if you like it, give it love so that the gentlemen of Fatshark will consider it.


You have my vote.

p.s and I also happy you removed cooldown reduction/kill a monster

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I actually prefer RNG its something different than rest of them and you need to adapt to each situation

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as long as I can still get strength pots I can’t say I’m fussed either way

I can’t say I’ve ever found the quests causing me to do anything differently tbh


Sounds very boring. I prefer the talents we have now.


In the current state of the game, the suggested offensive talent is a must pick - no discussion. The two other options aren’t even worth considering. Also, you scrapped the increased power duty which is the only other somewhat useful one besides crit/as.

This would make GK’s duties less random but it wouldn’t make them an interesting mechanic either. It’ll make this a dead talent row to be honest.


Yes, but no outline for before talents which will dictate at least 1 tier so more like offensive, defensive and balanced to maintain base gameplay. 10%damage, 10%DR. Quests should probably still be RNG for fun element reward can be static. I’d like a new collect art reward with GK getting a art sense with some kind of grail visual.

Also some are weaker… two 5% stats vs the current three or two with increased effect

  1. 10% Damage, 5% AS, 5% Crit
  2. 10% DR, Heal, BCR
  3. 15% Damage, 15% DR

The stamina regen should be unique for HM, too much overlap may be silly for that stat

Otherwise to remove RNG could just remove the whole quest concept and go with a passive ability based on virtue of ideal.

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Is it wrong for me to like GK the way he is?

He’s different and unique and the RNG quests is kinda exciting like opening presents on Christmas morning :wink:


I dislike RNG but I personally don’t mind the duties too much.
GK has so much single target damage and killing potential that I don’t feel all that bothered by the duties.

Maybe just removing cooldown rate or buffing undervalued properties (Attack speed + Cooldown rate)
If anything I’d like to see interesting talents like the strength pots.
e.g a new bigger bonus reward upon completing both duties.

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