Kruber - Grail Knight - Talent - Virtue of the Impetuous Knight

I suggest, change it to that he summons a Blessed Lance, and charges forward. Dealing a damage and knockdown all the enemies in the pass. ※Can’t go through the boss, of course

Any other ideas?


I have a better idea.
Leave it as it is. :joy:


Leave it as is; it couples well with his natural affinity for movement (10%) and can stack with the 5% movement speed you get from a trinket, giving him 50% movement speed for 15 seconds. That can be a blessing if there’s a special that you have to get to because it’s pinned your team down.

So yeah, don’t change it.

I mean, it could keep the move speed bonus as well?

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Added problem:

Sooooo… Footknight, but better than Footknight… who would ever play FK again?

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It’s fine as is, GK has other talents that deserve a revisit first.

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I agree that description would be too much. I do think keeping it close to single target and making Impetuous a lance charge that then gives the move speed bonus would be pretty cool and in no way outcompete the other options.

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I would just change the “on kil” condition to “on use.”


First rework that GK’s ult would need is a faster animation or a kind of protection during the cast. GK’s ult is the most risky one… without any valid reason :x

I’d give this thread more of a “Kruber ult talent idea” vibe rather than changing specific talent because people will always defend everything.
On this topic: I’ve always imagined a talent when he actually summons a huge shield that will defend him from everything like pushes/specials/shots if he’s facing the threat and everything that will try to harm/disable him in melee range will get staggered. Don’t care about balancing specifics like for how much it lasts or if it affects bosses, just had an idea.

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I think it could balanced if it didn’t go through enemies, kept the movement boost, didn’t get any bonus stagger, had more range than the default ult and if the trigger condition was changed to on hit from on kill. Could look like:
“Changes Blessed Blade to a lance that Markus de Mandelot valiantly charges forth with. Hitting an enemy with this lance increases movement speed by 35% for 15 seconds.”

15s of 50% movement speed really isn’t all that much compared to Slayer or Zealot, so I don’t think it would be op like this.