Grail Knight feedback

*Posibility to make GK buffs more like a reward, less RNG (prevent restarting mission till buffs you want)
-Make his party buffs hidden until unlocked.

*Tasks meaningless (pick up 1 tome; kill specials)
-GK tasks in mission should been made tougher, like achieving amount of headshots. Killing certain specials. Or using bombs to kill heavy specials. Right now those tasks are not satysfying.

*Buffs too OP
-Certain buffs are stronger than rest, maybe lower their requirments to trigger, allow them to trigger 1-4 times on mission. But instead of being party wide, make them appear on each player seperately.

*GK running like train
-Reduce his speed bonus either to 10-20% maybe some 10-20% stamina regen, or reduce duration to 6s

*Bretonian Sword&Shield
-Imo. His new shield is basically worse version of previous. Could be better with an axe.
Br. Sword is good, but his parry / riposte might drain more stamina.

Offtopic: headpieces
It’s weird that we cannot unequip helmet on heroes. Kruber could easly share couple of his helmets across subclasses.

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Wait what? Do you really do that?

That is the point though. Why anyone would pick this skill if they can have Cleave or double CK kill on F?

Tasks are bit bland but I don’t think that anyone would like to do dumb arbitrary stuff.
But rewards should be changed a bit.
HP regen: 1 picked grim = regen up to the 50% HP, 2 piked grims = full regen.
Attack speed: 3.4% per tome held (up to 10.1%).

No, Sword&Board have good gameplay design and viability. Its a shield combo that have less AoE but has overheads and ability to block Flame throwers.


Yeah, this is a good point. I don’t know if it is a bug and will be fixed, but AFAIK the buffs cannot ever get taken away - even if the tomes are left behind or even if the GK himself is lying dead somewhere.


i really disagree with making you have to hold onto the books all run to get the buffs, basically removes a heap of his value in cata or modded content. frankly having books be the challenges is pretty awful overall, why not “Kill 5 elites in 10s” or something active? “Kill 5 disablers in melee” or anything that actually encourages you to play slightly differently without just being “you have to grab some books that every sub-cata run does anyway”.


i disagree that shield is worst …i say its way too OP cc + staggering temp heal …you have 5 stamina you can add 60 stamina recovery , in horde attacks just spammin fast push follow up attack was shield bash (more staggering) 3-4 times then you add 3th attack 1-3 times horizontal swing and it recovers 2-1,5 stamina inside that follow up swing and that will be endless loop as same time you totally immobile Horde attack etc . you can solo run with bots legend and cata difficulties most time without sweat

I must admit there’s some gimmick going on with his weapons, some hidden combos. Maybe need to get used to them, because I’m so much used to Hold-LMB bash. :slight_smile:

Good idea about scalling perks, simple. I’m still standing at making those tasks more challenging :stuck_out_tongue:

As of Ultimate abillity and it’s perks. I think it was Executioneer+Speed perk that was running bit nuts. But while I try that perk myself his Ult indeed looses that extra utility (2nd strike or cleave).

And I’m not big fan how much damage Ult deals against bosses.

but i dont understand could be better with axe ? …thing is they added long sword in game with nice stances …and long sword is one hand or 2hand weapon what you can use with shield …so if you use long sword and long sword with shield it makes illusion in game that you just put shield on your back time to time its really cool how they executed that

Frankly, some of the team buffs do seem a bit much. I had a game on Legendary playing as an Ironbreaker with +15% damage reduction on top of my usual 30 (plus career skill brings it up to 65% I believe), plus 15 health regen. Even playing pretty sloppily (the normal way I play, tbh) and with both grims I was effectively unkillable by normal means.

I’ll make it simple about GK
-very good burst damage
-unrestricted insta-kill talent(no brainer pick if you ask me)
-quests that provide party wide bonuses
-no mobilty
-no AoE/CC (other than the ATM redundant arc slash talent for the career skill)
-no ranged weapon
-no damage reduction (despite wearing armor, the health “refund” talent is NOT considered damage reduction)

Overall, Merc is still superior in general. Unparalleled cleave, crowd control and temp health + 40% damage reduction via the shout.
The spear may be a peasant weapon but it gets the job done.
Make no mistake, GK is a fine career but not that OP as many people say.


People keep saying this, but 5% extra move speed as a passive and 35% move speed from Ult for 15 seconds (on a 40 second cool down Ult) seems like a pretty strong option for mobility to me.

Otherwise mostly agree with your points.

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The movement speed option on the career skill is at the moment the worst possible option to pick, you want to kill stuff with it and double slash does just that, free real estate.
The arc slash needs more cleave and deals way less damage.
Moreover, if you are surrounded the extra movement speed wont let you move trough enemies, sure you can make space with the new sword and shield but that takes time and that could mean the life/death difference of a teammate for instance, unless you have a [fire]bomb (which is GK’s only ranged option) but you don’t have bombs all the time consistently on high difficulties.

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It’s situational, but I don’t personally feel it’s clearly an inferior option. Being able to easily dash dance around a large group of elites, safely spamming consecutive overhead slashes with exec/Bret sword feels more useful to me than bursting down 1-2 extra elites at the start of the conflict. For sure some environments limit the usefulness of move speed, but there’s also the issue his Ult has of having rather unforgiving end lag, and the move speed burst also helps you significantly mitigate this downside. It mitigates his difficult dealing with specials too, since you can reach them much faster.

I get why people would see it as the worst of the three options, just feel like it’s getting too underrated at the moment. Move speed is incredibly clutch to have, moreso even as you go up difficulties IMO.

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I thought the passive was 10% move speed?

I’ve gotten into running revive speed and move speed on trinket and just hauling aß through the whole map.

Just heard seemingly new voice lines, kruber commented on saltzpyres aim and called him a peasant, saltz thanked him through clenched teeth


actually you right that movements speed is pit too much …i tested out with virtue of the penitent quest + concoction grants effect all the potions + trinket +5% speed … turns out you can run empty maps some times because things does not have time to spawn and nothing can catch you if you run like skittergate/into the nest long road maps so you really can skip much with that. would be easy to fix like that you cant stack other speed buffs with this

You lads are putting far too much value on 5% movement speed; it really doesn’t make much difference.


He’s still slower than Slayer or Zealot. Slayer has better uptime on his movement speed, and Zealot has a higher minimum.

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The quests are pretty weak IMO. 5% attack speed? 10% Cooldown regen (not reduction)? Both pretty meh. Strength pots are really good and the main thing he brings to a party tbh.

Other than that, I would say his cons grossly outweigh the pro’s. Not having a range weapon or dash is a huge negative. Almost 0 value in helping deal with specials which cause a lot of extra pressure. As you mentioned, he’s actually really squishy. Base hp is pretty much worthless in comparison to DR with the way DR stacking works in this game. He does good single target damage, but doesn’t really have anything in his toolkit to make him excel at horde clear. So his overally melee dps is middle of the pack at best. If you don’t take Audacity, his monster damage is pretty poor. So you end up taking a class that is good at killing elites and mediocre to bad at every other aspect of the game. Not great.


Running fast is a pretty useless sort of mobility on higher difficulties in this game. Useful mobility in this game more means being able to reposition no matter the density, and prevent yourself from being cornered. GK doesn’t have anything like that.

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