Grailknight lvl 30 ult change on 35% move speed

anyway we can change the last lvl 30 talent for grailknight the one that gives 35% movement speed only. to have it something like kerrilain the elf got when she uses a ult she gets some power, attack speed, movement etc…

i think grailkinght should 100% have something like that for sure instead of the elf, it makes way more since instead of just a boring 35% speed.

this way grailknight can choose double stab vs bosss, cleave vs multiple armored units or basic weapon damage for all things, with the new ult change.

if not that at least give the grailknight 10% movement speed passive buff with that lvl 30 ult pick and changed it to 25% upon ult activation, so it will still = 35%.

But he already has 10% ms passive? With your suggestion he’d then have 20% ms passive with the Ult choice which is a pretty insane base move speed.

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As Alsozara said. Grail Knight already has a passive with 10 % Movement Speed. Combined with the properties and this talent, he can reach 50 % speed increase for 15 seconds each 40 seconds. And if you take cooldown reduction it is each 36 seconds so nearly half of them. With 50 % movement speed you can outrun nearly everything which is a pretty strong trait. If you want survivability then take that talent.

Could probably nerf the speed somewhat and give little bit other stats for compensation but outright buffing movement speed is probably a bad idea.

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