Grail Knight nerf ult

well first thing to nerf is talent lvl30/ 3th one horizontal slash way too much dmg and make it ‘‘magic ability’’ or something … ultimate cooldown is way too short …and with that horizontal slash ability you can stand middle of everything take few hits and press ult(F) , ( ulti is melee ability) and when you choose melee killing blows gives temp health based enemy health you sitting there full health all the time and it will one shot whole patrol too.

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It does cleave through SV, but not shielded ones and a single CW will do this.

Thats recruit CWs. (It will kill a Cata CW with Smite and Strength pot, but will also still get stuck.)
The Blessed blade has a rather long animation before anything happens and there is also Shade who can kill lots of elites in a single heavy cleave hit, like dual swords, in one hit, while also using her Infiltrate for all sorts of utility.

Blessed Blade right now is like a Blessed Shot Locked and Loaded from a BH, without any kind of range. The class is also as immobile as the BH, which a huge deal if you dont have any range option at all.

Blessed Blade Virtue of Confidence seems like the only real option right now. It has more range than Virtue of Audacity and leaves you less open.


Well, that’s depressing. If you ask me, GK Kruber’s ult should kill anything that isn’t a monster, with one swing. It’s a bloody grail knight.

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So it JUST came out. Lets give it some time to figure out builds and such. I am excited to see some breakpoints and to see what other uses his ult can provide. Besides, the above video shows that you can’t 1 shot a patrol so…one can only dream about it lol


At Champ the double stab took nearly half health off a Fiend, hitting it in the baby. Purple pot pls!

[edit] I think it also defaults to the weapons in slot 1 once you’ve used it.

30% chaos/armor with concoction let’s see what this baby can do to a chaos patrol

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Its called concotion. You can stab twice with all pots active.

Nothing. Youll still get stuck on CWs. No ammount of power will change that.

I mean the lvl 30 skill that adds a stab to the overhead.

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Audacity is fine. Just need to time the ult and be careful. Great monster damage, and it makes short work of patrols. You can even block cancel the stab.

What I want say: regen aura for all, at current regen rate is OP


stop playing low difficulty :slight_smile:


Grail Knight is perfect as he is now
ult is fine

problem is, I select grail knight but join the game as mercenary


I’d rather have the overhead and clear Chaos Warriors. Kruber’s main weakness outside of Exe Sword was burst.

He actually doesn’t feel power crept which is amazing. I’m so happy they didn’t just make him super OP.


Still very difficulty to land the poke during most situations and half the time you just end up hit trading in cataclysm trying to use it with all the enemies running around. Overall grail knight just feels like a worse version of shade and can’t even compete with whc or zealot that well for overall melee dps or survivability.

Heck, slayer might even be better than grail knight because at least he gets better survivability with his stagger + speed ult spam. His anti elite dps with light mashing on the 2h hammer can delete said elites pretty quick as well. Grail knight is at least better than someone like footknight or unchained but that isn’t saying much considering all of the above and that merc is still bae with spear.

This, pretty much, outlines the last six hours I spent with him.
He is a glass cannon, but one with not enough umpf to actually make it work. He falls behind WHC, Zealot and Shade, who all have insane burst and dps potential, while also having mechanics that keeps them alive and in business.
Even Slayer can jump and has easy 40% DR.

On Cata the increased Special density just skyrockets your damage taken as GK. No ways to deal with Gas, No way to deal with Stormer, and Warpfire is still a nightmare, even so you can shield it.

The range on the Blessed Blade is just to short. Even with the Slash you need to hug the frontline to get the row behind damaged, or killed, which will make you vulnerable to stabs from the unseen backline and damage from the frontline. A simple backdodge into Ult will also most likely move you out of range.

GK is just another okay, but not ideal Kruber class, just like Foot Knight and Huntsman. If they would change the silly extra movement speed on ult kill to invulnerability during the initial wind up of the Blessed Blade, that might be something to work with. A range increase on Blessed Sword in general might be also rather called for, or they just speed up the bloody wind up.

TLDR: The only thing he is good at is boss damage, but there is a large number of Careers that deal as much or more, while also having much superior means to stay alive and well.


I stand by my suggestion in a previous thread that his ult should’ve had him mount a horse for a short period. Would’ve made him into a total menace.

Speaking of invulnerability during long windup ult animations. Ranger veteran should get something similar as that delay on the bomb coming out and him going invisible just kills him, literally.

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Hey that’s my favourite of the 3. Just shorten the windup if that’s your issue, don’t ruin a good and fun talent choice.

Why do you think it is silly? It feels very good, a good reason why some of the two-handed weapons work on Slayer is due to his 25% movement speed talent, same goes for GK. Movability is awesome.

Hell yeah. :smiley: