Grail Knight nerf ult

I tend to get hit from the delay after swinging Blessed Blade. I’d like to be able to hold down the ult button to be able to block with it. The same goes for the stab talent. Right now it feels a bit clunky that I don’t have to press the ult button for the stab followup, it just happens.

Also, I think I activated Rasknitt’s shield when I tried to bonk the ratling ogre with Blessed Blade. Not 100% sure as I haven’t played much yet (as in, maybe it doesn’t do as much damage as I thought it would – or it really was blocked).

Come back when you have Legend or Cataclysm opinion honestly. Who cares about lower difficults for balance?
As someone mentioned stop playing low difficulty if you dont want to steam roll stuff.

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I just shield push then ult, and cancel the stab from Audacity if I see an attack coming my way. This is on Cataclysm Adventure maps, Weaves and FoW. Not sure why my experience is different, but it hasn’t been much of an issue for me.
It may be more difficult than the other ults but unlike those careers Grail Knight actually takes some skill beyond aiming up a little for headshots.


Virtue of Knightly Temper is pretty much Killing Shot but it works on Chaos Warriors. Need I say more lol. He has access to shields and 150 health base, and can go for extra stamina regen/push arc, in addition to the potential buffs he can get (the rng can be reduced with the extra quest talent). He’s not too squishy imo.

In Legend and Cata the ult does good damage but isn’t overpowered compared to anything that’s already in the game currently. His talents and passives are well balanced for what he is and he’s definitely very susceptible to special pressure if left unsupported.

Grail Knight is probably the most balanced a class has been on launch in Vermintide thus far, including the various reworks the current roster has received over the last 2 years.


Wow. It probably feels incredible to fish for a 15% chance to kill. Thats rougly every 7th hit. I tried it and it was okay on Greatsword, but otherwise the damage from the other two Talants just makes that Ranald Talant just inferior. Kruber does not have elgi super weapons with 10% to 50% base crit he can build on.

Its not much about him getting squished, but completly eradicated if you get into a bad situation. e.g. You are not able to just charge your way out of a tight spot, when you see a gas globe going your way. Your Blessed Sword wont create any room without paying 90% or your hp bar for it. Stamina Reg wont help you on Cata to get out, because charging metal does not care if you punch your pommel in their face. They dont move.

Every other melee focused Career has such a mechanic, or even one to not suffer that much from just getting Gased, while doing as good or better during waves, elites, specials, and Monsters. This is not about GK being useless, its about him being another “why would I pick him over the other melee classes” after the euphoria died. Every career should have a hook on why you would want to play him, thats not spelled H-Y-P-E. His damage simply does not offset his lack in survivability. Either one, or the other needs to be worked on.

Alright, alright, calm down.

The Executioner’s can bodyshot Chaos Warriors and has 20% crit chance on it’s heavy. He can bring a second weapon to mitigate the weaknesses of the Exec, which are being cornered or mobility.

‘Charging metal’ does care about a shield bash. Grail Knight doesn’t have a get out of jail free card like everyone else. He doesn’t get overwhelmed by elites, hordes or bosses if you know how to position or just push with a shield. Only range specials.

Shade, WHC, Zealot and Slayer don’t have access to a shield weapon. Additionally, he gets unique access to a great shield that can spam bashes and has superior anti armour combos to the Empire Sword and Shield.

He’s superior to Merc against massed Armour mixed with shields, particularly Chaos Warriors. Merc and FK both struggle against the latter particularly. This makes him amazing on a lot of the weaves and FoW. He’s a single target damage dealer.

Maybe he needs a buff, but it’s still pretty soon after release.


Thats single Target. 20%+5% base+5% Trinket+5% Weapon are 35% chance to oneshot. So dead CW in approximately three hits. You need 2 head hits and 25% power to 2 hit kill a CW with the Executioners. A third if you miss one headshot. Do you know how many Headshots it takes without any of those modifications?

There is a reason I didnt list exe. That thing does not value the crit kill talent. The “more than 4 times” line in the crit talent, also makes it particularly questionable for shield, since the bash in a combo will not trigger the talent, but screws with our statistics.

I get your point that the shield is maybe the way they expect us to get out of bad situations, but its still is a rather rough imbalance between how powerful the GK is and what his survivability options are, compare to other classes. Shade can just as easily kill multiple armored targets with a swing from weapons like Dual Swords and WHC can do it with any weapon. The more attack speed the better. Zealot will do Zealot.

I would never bring GK to FoW in his current state. Its 50 minutes of struggle, which other classes have a much much much easier time to deal with, while dealing as much damage, while having a range option.

Agreed. Using the double strike the 2nd strike is mostly wasted for me, as the first strike knocks bosses way out of range for the 2nd one.

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You know I think I might be coming around to your way of thinking. I think it was the Longsword and the Bretonnian Sword and Shield that felt so strong to me. From my testing, Merc makes the Longsword very strong cleave wise, and has better mobility with it overall while retaining comparable damage to everything except monsters.

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