So, who's paying for cosmetics?


Doesn’t sound so clear after all, does it?

You don’t really care about these people. You actually hate them because they are your perceived problem as to why you think Darktide development is so slow. You think the devs coast off of MTX sales. Or maybe you are this type of person which would explain why you can’t afford aquilas.

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So, no?

From what I’m seeing in this thread; there’s an entire spectrum of people who have differing opinions on the matter.

Well as long as you’re having fun.

Bro you’re literally taking multiple conversations out of context. I made it abundantly clear that I wasn’t saying Darktide is a whale game and when I talked about whales I was responding to someone else, and I only initially brought it up for comparison sake. It’s not my problem you can’t read apparently.
You are genuinely extremely brainfogged. If you can’t follow a simple conversation then what are you doing here?



So abundantly clear.

You continuously bring up whale tactics and relate them to Darktide’s business model, then try to diffuse it all by saying

Its okay, your argument fell apart. Just move on gracefully

I’m making a comparison. Do you have any other questions? You’re extremely unpleasant to talk to, trying to gotcha me when the reality is you just cant read for shiet

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Yes, comparing Darktide to whale catching MMOs.

I think you just lack a little self awareness is all. Its okay.

Lmao relax. Its gonna be okay man, its not that serious.

Except you never explained their differences. Only their similarities.

Oh wait, there you go!

Put the dude on ignore, he’s just trolling.


I just think it’s crazy someone can read this and then start acting like I said darktide is a whale MMO. It must be hard going through life completely illiterate. I even went back over it to check for typos or something that could’ve given someone the wrong idea.

Fun isn’t part of the equation.

Are you reading your own posts? Lol. Nobody said anything about Darktide being a whale catching MMO. I said you really must be delusional if you can’t see that you’re comparing Darktide to whale catching MMOs. You’re not proving your point any better.

Your logic = “See that guy over there? He just patted that woman on the back. You know who else pats women on the back? SEX OFFENDERS!”

the game is still pay to play, so everyones a paying customer in my mind.

so I judge a persons opinion worth on how much of a skaven they act.

Keep up the meltdown man, I expect 10 more notifications when I wake up tomorrow


Someone who paid full price vs. someone who got it for a dollar?


LOL!! Fast food doesn’t keep you alive… hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Sure ahead go and pick the one example that suits your argument out of 1000’s different types of fast food.

Home cooking is the best? If you can cook, decent food… Some of the worst food I have ever eaten is home cooked.

It’s all swings and roundabouts and doesn’t make my statement any less true.

You’re comparing a necessity to over priced virtual non-existent fluff.

I’m of the opinion that supporting predatory business models does hurt people. The more successful they are, the more prevalent they become.

Darktide’s far from the worst offender in the gaming space, but they’re guilty of:

  • Premium currency that doesn’t match up to purchase amounts
  • Relatively expensive cosmetics compared to the game retail price

And that’s enough for me to think long and hard about any potential support I give their model. Same goes for any business that I support, with varying levels of zeal and adherence to my values if I’m being completely honest. It’s definitely harder to find a benevolent ISP than game developer, that’s for sure!

Idealistically, if we want to live in a world that doesn’t rely on exploiting consumers to the maximum degree, we’re all going to have to learn to be a bit more generous.


Even baring the above valid points the model just sucks.

It’s literally worse than what we had several years ago in order to hide the real value of items and make it so that people need to fork out more money to get something they are interested in.

Killing Floor, straight forward, buy skin, get skin, anything that was released you can get.

Killing floor 2 moved to a seasons and boxes model which sucked and don’t support them as a result.


Deep Rock Galactic is also great because it lets you earn cosmetics in game (and a LOT of them in game) while having reasonably priced packs and priced fairly reasonably. I would say the mix and match potential while being able to also colour your own stuff is also great.

If you absolutely must have the funny money layer then having your stuff actually reasonably priced helps and also having packs that actually give you value for money as well as sales and not sneakily increasing the price after it got moved out of the store is also good.

Generally cosmetics are fairly cheap and usually sold in bundles in Warframe’s case on top of frequently having flash sales.

I don’t get why people are ok with getting mugged by a system just because it’s not literally the worst implementation of it. It still sucks, there are better systems out there, we literally have multiple examples and im also a little tired of people letting FS hide behind the “We are just a litle guy, a silly little goober, how can you be mad at us?” excuse.