RNG Based Shop Crafts

Can’t just be me who seems to be unlucky with spending dockets to only be met with gear ratings of under 350 consistently, just spent 300,000 dockets and had nothing of use. The system needs to reflect based of your current equipped gear rather then RNG heck the mission rewards have the same issue do an auric 5 to be met with a low rate gear reward what a great system. Its got to the point now where it seems better to wait for the shop to refresh oh wait it has the same issue, don’t even get me started on the Melk shop overall what’s the point spending the credits on anything other than curios.




Yeah, thats just another piece of the crafting travesty, spent about 300k yesterday to get 2 decent pieces to try upgrading, its not even a min-max issue at this point, i just want a decent roll with blessings i want to use for my build and its just not doable without relentless annoyance, i think once you get to lvl 30 and above 350 base ratings on your weaposn you shouldn’t be able to roll below 350. Would cut down spamming the buy button by at least 50%.


Video proof of me spending around 1.5 Mill dockets to get one 370 that has kind of poorly rolled stats


Brunt’s is a literal scam. As is all the other ways of getting gear or specific blessings in this game. You should expect to spend roughly 1 million to get a weapon close to what you wanted. Getting the specific blessings and perks you want has a lower chance than winning a national lottery.

No, really.


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