Red drops decreased after 1.0.6?

The screens barely match the content of your original post, but your disclaimer of course helps fix that. At the very least, you’re an exaggerator.

Oh, you just forgot that you had gotten ~10ish exotics? I’m guessing about 10 since you’re not showing one of the tabs where there’s probably another 1 or more.

I’m sure there’s some validity to your post where you received some more reds during that patch time frame, especially with how much it seems you play. And most likely, that’s just the luck of the draw. But drawing conclusions from blanket statements and exaggerations doesn’t help anybody and just stirs animosity.

I count over 10 separate reds in these pictures… and he mentioned he scrapped some…

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imma kill u

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Are you on crack? How is any of that an exaggeration? Even with the salvage, the quantity is as indicated and from my ad hoc inventory, the quantities are fairly close I just confused my pre-salvage trinket and charm numbers and thought I had one more necklace than I did. I even provided a screenie of when I said I got 2 reds in one vault. With salvage factored in, I understated the total.

You go ahead and calculate the odds of that happening and tell me about how it’s luck. This is a feedback thread and people saying, “hey… I got zero reds, then suddenly non-stop reds after a patch, then suddenly zero reds again after another patch” is pretty relevant when the game is being this batshit crazy. The only one here stirring animosity is you. You come in here, accuse me of lying for no gd reason whatsoever, and now that I’ve provided the visual evidence your chosen recourse has been to behave as a pedantic douche. Do you have anything constructive to add to the conversation or are you just gonna be a naysayer anytime someone comes forward with an issue? The red drop rate experienced here is abnormal and could indicate deeper problems. Since we can’t see the mechanisms at play, it’s something that should be addressed. For example, after 1.0.6 I get exotics about as often as I was getting veteran items after 1.0.5.

@CoolDude: I feel you. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t actually gotten any weapons I actually want. Having red accessories is nice though but tbh I already had near-perfect rolls of necklace/trinket. Spent so much green dust trying to get a remotely passable roll on Charm only to have the patch hit and reds rain from the sky suddenly. Edit: I was wrong. I did want the longbow and am happy with it. I forgot about it in the slew of salvage-fodder reds and I’m not personally a glave man.

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Here’s a quick example of how my gameplay changed dramatically after 1.0.6 as well. With how screwy the game’s being, nothing would surprise me at this point and I wanna demonstrate how dramatic the shifts were not only in drop rate from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 but also in every other aspect of play.

First the before time

This is the scorecard from a 1.0.5 Into the Nest deed run which was, if memory serves, more hordes + bigger hordes + upgraded ambients:

This next one is my earliest scorecard screenshot, so it’s either 1.0.5 or earlier. This was not a deed, just a normal run from when I was still leveling both my characters and my ilvl, so I know it’s before things got screwy:

And the After

And here are some normal, non-deed, post 1.0.6 scorecards.

This is from one we completed successfully (I wanna say it was Brachsenbrucke):

And in this last one, I’m pretty sure we wiped before making it halfway through the level. Note: this isn’t the only time this has happened either, where we’ll get more kills in a half or a third of a level than what’s considered normal for a full clear.

Note the massive shift in enemies. Over 110 specials in that one post-1.0.6 run and about 2k mobs total. 81 specials in the last one for a level we didn’t even reach the end on. Note that I am the host in all of these. Have tried with other people hosting as well but seem to be getting consistently dicked. So now not only has the drop rate once again turned to trash but the director has been like this every single time without fail. If I start back at the game I’ll take a screenie every time and take better notes but the game has been unbearable since 1.0.6 landed due to every run being way over the top at all times.

There is something seriously wrong in the code.


All I can add to this topis that among me and 3 other friends I play with we’ve gotten 1-2 reds on a single guy that plays the most since 1.0.6 hit. NOt much of a help, I know, just throwing it out there

Close to 100 now without a single red drop vs one every 10 or so boxes from 1.0.5
Losing patience.

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Are you sure? What difficulty are you playing? Are you getting all the books? Do you mean red drops in general, or only weapons?

I am asking, because in case you earn 50/50 general’s/emperor’s legend chests, the probability of such thing is 0.04%, even for the most pessimistic droprate values.

I’ve opened over 100 chests of general champion or higher without a red in a row. there are multiple people on the forum that have reported the same thing. these things happen when you have a flat % chance.

This one, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Such a thing is completely in line with probability theory. But as far as I know Revy plays on legend, and with Legend chests such things should not happen.

P.S. Here I explain how this works.

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Whole red obtaining system is stupid in this game. They should AT LEAST be craftable from red dust. Then at least red duplicates would serve purpouse.

For example I want red dual axes for my Slayer since I started to play game. 250h right now.

I got EVERYTHING red: crossbow, 2h hammer, warpick, 2h axe, 1h haxe, 1h hammer, drake pistols, axe an shield, charms/trainket/necklaces, I got even duplicataces of 2h haxe two more times!

Yet I didn’t get dual axes still! I would like to trade/exchange/craft them using reds I will never use cause it’s not my playstyle.

I stopped playing V2 week ago and till they won’t do some patch for obtaining reds I won’t come back to deal with 100% pure RNG. I want to feel rewared for perfect Legendary runs, not seeing 2 blues and orange trinket from chests after that. Not to even mention deeds.


Legend, almost always full book, yesterday for example I ran some deeds total boxes 4 emps vaults, 10 generals, 6 soldiers, 8 merchants.

There is a 0.6% chance for not getting a single red in 100 chests, or less. Congrats, dude, you’re the 1%.


Or some people are bugged like they are with spawn rates. Wouldn’t surprise me.


I don’t thinks so. That’s just the nature of randomness: if something bad can happen, it will necessarily happen to someone. Like in real love some people get struck by lighting, or hit by meteors (1 “superlucky” guy so far). Also if you play Hearthstone, or at least watch vids about it, things with. 0.000000 probability constantly happen there. Like the latest Trolden video for example.


I agree fundamentally in terms of the math but if I roll the same number on a D20 a weird amount, first thing I’m gonna do is check the weight of the die. Given how buggy things are in V2, and since there’s not a lot of transparency as to how the game’s making decisions, I think it’s fair to question the devs.

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Im just running out of fun… I guess is the way to put it, the core mechanics own but are plagued by bugs, Pubbing Legend isn’t worth doing so im either waiting for people to be on or im soloing, solo-ing of course reduces your chances at good loot, which apparently doesn’t seem to drop. I swapped from FK to huntsman so now I only use 3 of my 17 red items, and considering the fact i’ve only opened Vaults on Kruber (outside of the 10 I opened on elf and got a hagbane from) its pretty absurd I have nothing to show for it. I mean hell even my collective hero level is close to 300 and I havent seen a cosmetic. Honestly at this point FS should just drop EAC, enable mod tools, let modders fix all their bugs and let me lua inject the reds / cosmetics I want.


It’s really hard to fail such a thing. I’d say a lot of skill is needed to do this, because otherwise you just set up a randomizer and let the compiler do the job for you.

They are the devs, and we are nothing more than just players. So I guess they will just continue balancing weapons.

I still agree with you, that’s just my current level of doubt/questioning.

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