Anyone Wanna Test my Janky Spawn Rates with me?

As per this discussion, my spawn rates increased by 2-3x from 1.05 to 1.06. I played copious amounts after the patch hit and the busted spawn rates and director insanity were consistent throughout. Haven’t tested 1.0.7/ yet, partially due to being busy irl and partially due to the Pavlovian response I get thinking about playing after it ran like a decent into hell for the last 20-30hrs of my playtime. If anyone feels like having a go at it with me to enjoy the madness, if it hasn’t been fixed, they’re more than welcome to join me. Steam id is AV Archivist. Should be the only one and profile pic is smiling red face, same as here.

I would, just to compary insane rates, but you’re across the world from me, so the ping would be unbearable.

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I’ll record it regardless in case it’s still just as messed up.

I’m down to give it a go as long as we aren’t too far apart - where you at? I’m in US/Colorado.

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Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

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