Poll about Fuse / Combine blessing removal

Considering the posts I ve read in the forum (post made by the CM, topic I created), I wonder if it was a good move… So let’s see with a poll.

Are you happy with the unique change made to the crafting system described last year?

  • I love this change
  • I dislike it and prefered the Fuse/Combine blessing functionnality
  • I would prefer to have the 2 options
  • I have no opinion on this question

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If you have to choose between the 2 systems, what would you prefer to get?

  • I prefer combine/fuse
  • I prefer the new system

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Why not a “Porque No Los Dos?” option.

Edit: Thanks!

I am not sure it would give a good answer… I have put it but devs would say, hey look they like it, they voted that they want both

Added a poll about the preference between the 2…

Fair enough.

In that case I would prefer the fuse, since that mean I can kinda progress towards getting a T4 blessing, most blessings would be for a single weapon. Getting a T4 blessing normally via consecrating, Melk or Armoury is almost as much of a lottery as getting a good crafting base.

T4s are way too rare unless they background alter the RNG. With how most of the meta blessings are T1-4 and avaliable on a ton of weapons it would have been preferred to have an actual useful function for scrapping. Just looking at my Ogryn list I could have made several T4 slaughterer, confident strike and brutal momentums just from that update going live. But if its the ‘blessing bank’ idea people have been bouncing off them that would be cool.

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I don’t get it!?! What I want is to have a weapon that I can swap the blessing to something that works well with my hero feats and the other blessing… If combining blessings means you could have 4 different blessings on a weapon. while we are pissed about the fact we cant even swap the blessings we have at mo…?!

The original blessings system was that you can get 3 of the same blessing at the same tier to make one blessing of the next tier. There were never anything about being able to get more than 2 blessings on a weapon, you were always going to be swapping out at least one from the weapon with one that you extracted or built up.

Combine fuse means that you can get, by example, shred +5% by combining 3 shred +4%.
Actually, on my zealot, I don’t think I have one T4 blessing.

Personally, I hate this change. I would not mind to have a combination of the two, but the system described, in my opinion, is in favor of RNG… cause you will have to try a lot of time to get a T4 blessing.

Ive been saving all weapons with 3 pip blessings thinking if I scrap these I will have their blessing available to use on a weapon of my choosing (providing it can be blessed that way (staff/gun/melee)… If I can keep lower tier weapons and combine these to make a higher tier great! but I’d prefer the inventory space (and/or a better inventory /options)…

BUT!!! Curios are in a bad place regards crafting v2 has l lots of useless options and have always been there so I think this is by FS design… if combining/scrapping curios raised the scores of Wounds/stamina/health/toughness even the four-tier properties ,scrapping that!! well 100% i’m not behind them getting rid of a characteristic crafting mechanism that will help us tailor our play-style/hero

We probably would have wanted both in an ideal world. Getting tier 4 blessings is not exactly something that is common but it can have massive difference in terms of damage or utility. At least with the new system once you get one of those extremely rare ones you can just keep spamming them but before that, hope for that rngesus.

So yeah it is probably “better” but i can definitely see people missing that one single god rolled blessing for a long time. I guess fatshark just looked that fusing would lose its point rather quickly when everyone finally got their maxed out blessings for all the charachters so decided to just entirely scrap it.

What is Fuse/Combine anyways? I still don’t understand what it is, especially since it isn’t in the game.

I thought it stated that they were still going to allwo you to take blessing from one weapon to put on another? Wasn’t that suppose to be it?

There’s also the bit in here

that specifies that you can mash 3 of the same blessing at the same tier to get the blessing of the next tier, ie. you mash together 3 T2 Slaughterer blessings and now you have 1 T3 Slaughterer blessing.

So the new system is just going to be you can rip a blessing off and directly apply it to another. That’s my understanding at least.

So no way to upgrade a blessing to another tier atm?

The only thing this is a buff for is blessings available in T3 or T4 only. I can only think of power cycler for good ones since surge is unbelievably bad. The rest of the great ones are T3 and common Melk sights which is good. Adhesive Rumbler is just dirty.

But there would be a resource system you would still be actively engaging with, since the system Hedge describes goes on to say that applying the votive blessing would remove it from your inventory. Not like this one where if you luck out and have a T4 hey you can apply it freely. But I still haven’t seen power cycler after about 8 upgraded swords and 3 months of Melk refreshes.

Not that Hedge’s system had a solution for that either, it just seems really trash if its only going to be 1 or the other. Both with actual rerolling would have been a fix. Make the second reroll have increased costs. Have it only cost Diamantine so it can actually be used…

TBH I don’t quite understand how the new system will work regarding blessing tiers. Will I have to find a tier 4 blessing in the wild to scrap and then be able to apply the tier 4 blessing whenever I like? If so not being able to combine lower tier blessings to get high tier blessings seems like it will make you worse off overall in a lot of cases. Again though I’m really not clear from the Dev post how different tiers of blessings is supposed to work in their reworked system.

Yeah, that’s a question I have too. From the literal reading it seems like you get a catalogue that has every blessing at every tier they can be, so unlocking T2 Slaughterer only allows you to mash T2 Slaughter on everything that can support it. More clarification would be appreciated.

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Well, from what I ve read, absolutely.

To apply a tier 4 blessing, you’ll have to find such blessing… When you consider how they are rare, it means a lot of weapons to consecrate to try to find the desired blessing.
Tbh, I would prefer the other system cause it ensure you could get these tier 4 blessings. Off course, in the old system you cannot spam the blessing on 25 weapons and can only use once.
But for rare blessing (example deflector for force sword) you would have been able to save it from a weapon you salvaged to a new weapon.
Tbh, I rarely do 9 combat axes… I want just one very good.

I am a little surprised by the results of the polls

Edit: i dislike the new system. However I can adapt and play with the new system. If I have only tier 3 blessings, it is enough good.

Well at least dose not need hoard sitton of low lvl bessing gun’s anymore just for one decent blessing combination…

I would be fine with combining as a shortcut to aquire higher rarity blessing as the grind is not appealing to me (although emperor’s gift will alleviate some of the issues). I honestly like the idea to extract a blessing and keep it as a catalogue way more than having it as a consumable, even if it was on a higher tier.
I don’t like having extracted blessing confined to different MK versions of the same weapon (I would rather have it shared across all weapons which can use the blessing). I also would like to have a similar perks catalogue.

I am more wary of the announcement to index loot quality on secondary objectives. I’m worried it will install a meta of mandatory books on Damnation, which is something I never particularly enjoyed on VT2 legend.

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I would be fine also with that, but, I would be also fine with a feature that would permit us to only upgrade the locked blessing on a weapon.