About craftin again

Hi there.

So our beloved topic strikes again. Sorry in advance for my English, i’ve learned it back in the days at school 15 years ago. Long story short i gave up on crafting.

This is my resources while i writing this:

The reasons are well known for everyone who have engaged with crafting at least once. It’s horrendous rng, locks and most important poor choice of blessings.

So to begin with:

  1. Aquire desired weapon with desired stats destribution(we won’t talk here about stat explanation and another hidden stats there are not explained at all like dmg targets cap). 4 ways:
    – Armory if you could snipe it every hour. Funny but most efficient way if you see item with usable perk and t2-t3 perk and blessing
    – Brunt if you have spare ordos. It’s a devil’s trap. I spend around 1mil ordos just to get 1-2 workable(not even close to perfect or good) bases. Is it fun? Around 10 hours of high intesity shock troop gauntlent farming assuming you not failing and run mission 30 minutes on average
    – Melk. It updates every 24 hours and give mostly bad weapons, primary function – snipe t4 blessings
    – Emprah gifts. Just random crap that would be sold right away. I’ve seen like 3 decent weapons from this since release. Occasional blessings farm

  2. Gamble at hadron. Won’t write anything, everyone knows how bad it is

  3. Repeat the proccess

While gamble on bases and gamble on Hadron irritating, the core problem is blessings. What a go to blesssings for nowadays: power blessings, Brutal momentum and weapon specific blessings like power cycler or confident strike and so on(hello to Shredder and hsword which live and die in blessings). Other blessings are just plain useless due to how all combat system works. Why would anyone want to run devil claw with a bunch of impact blessings just to cosplay a hammer for poor people? Why would anyone want to increase cleave(hit mass) on a weapon that have 3 targets dmg cap(yes, stagger, but why if there are weapons that just kill targets faster while you throwing bodies around). Fatshark says that they want us experiment with builds, but why if there are no reason to do that at all, because how unbalanced and boring blessings and weapons. I guess casual players might be interested in this but, i bet, most of them are gone because of very bad release.

Blessings and perks have impact on a gameplay only for min/maxing way. Blessings doesn’t alter your weapon, doesn’t offer unique things and so on. It’s just a bunch of modifiers to your stats mostly. We can do some exceptions for staves like Trauma where you can build around crits and blazing spirit or just go for charging time and rending for a bit different gameplay. But even then it’s just a lucky exception.

So why anyone should be bothered with a bad rng crafting system that Fatshark built in game for whatever reason they had? Just to get another weapon that wouldn’t offer anything meaningful. Take a look on similar games which were mentioned on the forums bunch of time. DRG players can craft what they want, l4d doesn’t even have crafting and so on. I don’t know what is behind all this decisions that Fatshark game designers made, but even if we will be allowed to craft anything we want, there are still will be no reason to do that except to get your perfect weapon and settle down with it.

I have no suggestions and so on, i just want less frustrating experience on the top of great gameplay loop.

Thx for reading.


What a savage and correct indictment of the blessing system in general. ouch. They’re going to need a medicae station for that.

unlock the hidden potential of your weapon!

Its all just damage buffs and cleave buffs. Completely uninteresting. Just trying to hit those break points.

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Deflector really seems to be the exception here when it comes to gameplay altering blessings.

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I would count Power Cycler as gameplay altering as well.

Funny thing is, apparently there are a few more of such blessings.
They are just not in the game.

@Sarumane Somewhat unrelated to this specific thread, but it fits the other one that we were talking in:

Weapons that are not class specific, could also be balanced for multiple classes, by giving the different classes access to different blessings for the same weapon type. Although that could potentially make it a bit confusing for some people.


Good ol unobtainium - ya like to see it.

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Sure, but that only works if the weapons do not excel in any particular area. Yet idk if I’d wish for this considering the current state of itemisation, though that’s a problem no matter what.

Thats a good point.


Thought the same.
It might be viable if there were no locks, and if we had a way to buy specific blessings without RNG.
Without that, it would be infuriating.
Getting specific class exclusive T4 blessings is already bad enough (except on ogryn).

Your english is absolutely fine btw. :smiley:


Yeah and I probably still rather run around with unique weapons, because using the same weapon on every class is boring to look at.

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Yeah I don’t even really craft anymore except to keep completing the blessing list I can’t use to make weapons. The definition of a ‘what were they thinking’ game system. I’ve even broken myself of the mental prison of the store refresh, like who honestly cares at this point. Pointless number fidgeting and some locked blessing you can’t change. All for the sake of being able to kill maniacs and flak targets faster? Eh, why bother. I hope the developer in charge of this sytem is proud of the player retention this has achieved.

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If anyone in this thread is new to complaining about the current state of crafting (a warm welcome), feel free to also post in these threads, so that the obese fish people keep seeing us complain about the crafting problems.

Dear bodypositive elasmobranch people: please make crafting great.


I don’t get that either. I’m with FS long enough to get used to their “vision” and how this vision harms playerbase. But i can’t accept that they have no ability to learn and adapt. May be i’m have too much faith in them. VT2 became a great game with community help, but what a price. And DT…
Who ever thought that DT will be straight downgrade. I know that simplifiying things is in nature, but not in that way.

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