Pls do cross platform xbox and pc

The entire thread was called ''convo endign is op" with ~69% of voters saying it is - ergo MAYBE just because YOU dont exprience something it DOESNT mean other dont experience it too
And immediately jumping into saying ‘‘git gud’’ EVEN to people who regularly play and finish cata runs as just downright stupidly hilalrious and equally sad

And it the thread I said the exact steps to recreate FOR me the result of over 28 specials in less than 5 minutes. I cant be bothered to fiddle aroudn recording gameplay / editing it and uploading it since I have never done it and I have much better things to do + if anyone was interested they could follow my steps to see for themselves if its bugged for them too or not

Iam not angry lol, iam dissapointed people unironically say that console controlers are even in the same galaxy as K+M when it comes to almost all genres ESPECIALLY FPS
And also people saying that regular steam user has PS4 equivalent right when 65%+ of the people are rocking something akin to 970/1060 range of cards (which are capable of 3 times the FPS on 3times the settings) is also saying what you THINK is true but it actually isnt
AND even if only 1% of PC players had decent rigs, the rest 99% wouldnt be playing vermintide since they would have power point fps in 1st horde and refund the game

TLDR let console players play console version I have ZERO issues with this
Allow console players to join PC lobbies ONLY with new gen consoles and K+M requirement since someone here said that its not a problem to connect those into new gen
Trust me, every single time FPS crossplay PVP PVE doesnt matter was tried console players were left in the dust and even if you are technically better with more knowlegde superior input is just superior input. Its fair towards console players as its fair towards PC players

There is another issue (or more of a big inconvenience) either.

When PCs get an update or DLC it sometimes takes months until consoles get them.

With crossplay, implementing updates would take a lot longer.
Because all platforms would HAVE to be on the same build.
All platforms would have to get tested simultaneously.
Sounds like a nightmare to me.


The best games offer it as an option. So cross play is on by default, by you can disable it if you take issue with it. I’d probably keep it on, cross play is great for queue times.


How do we feel about this topic in 2022? I simply want to laugh at my friend when he dies and call him a noob/chat about lore.

Also, I personally have turned Aim Assist off while using a controller. (I also use a controller on PC)

For my friends who die by console and others on PC, cross-play would be a nice feature. Allow each platform to toggle the option to keep their sanity. iIWould prefer not to buy the game twice like I did for V2 just to play with different friend groups.

A shot in the dark, but my questions are;

  1. Can I transfer my save files? (when I eventually buy the game a second time just to play with my console friends who won’t buy anything until its on sale 2 years after launch?)


  1. Have dev’s mentioned or updated us on this topic?

Still somewhat neutral/against it, the balance between console and pc is different

I don’t want a game optimised for consoleplay… two versions are better from my point of view

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pretty sure thats impossible, the console version is vastly different,
and i highly doubt both versions are compatible in the slightest.

so if you ask me crossplay isn’t even an option, and neither is importing your savefile

i think this has been answered but i honestly can’t remember what the official reply was.

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If we had this for V2 we would have such a vastly different experience on PS and Xbox. Right now there are very few players playing on either console. Please do it for the community that loves your games Fatshark. Give us a playerbase to play with.

The cost outweight the benefit, they don’t work the same way (Less units/model but bigger life pools)

Aren’t game on the xbox game pass always crossplay? I’m not sure, but if they are, this would settle the answer. If there is a mandatory pc game pass and xbox cross play, I hope steam will be included in too, not like deep rock galactic.

I think you’re right about the cross-play.

I have gamepass for pc, I imagine this would be HUGE news if Darktide was on gamepass… Would microsoft advertise for them to have the title on it? Not sure. I have always wondered how big titles get on a gamepass, (Back4Blood / Totalwar warhammer 3). Lets be honest, not much can compete with the Free-to-play model.

Maybe it won’t be on gamepass since most the comments I’ve read are leaning toward the game not having cross-play. It’s unfortunate. Since 90% of my friends have been leeched into the “but it is free?” conversation when it comes to gaming, specifically shooters. That and the wait and see approach from CDProject Red/ Bethesda / EA / (insert dev team here)
have left gamers in a weird place I feel. But that’s another topic!

Im sure the Devs have the best intentions for Darktide, crossplay or not.

I have heard several time it would on the game pass actually Like here.
So cross play is more likely then. As it won’t be on xbox one very probably, it shouldn’t mean a downgrade for PC.
Also it seems that for DRG, the game pass version on PC, which it not cross play with steam but only with xbox, is a bit more wonky than the steam version.
I hope darktide has cross play xbox / steam

For my part, I will say no to a cross-platform.

Why ?

Playing Back 4 Blood, you will have your answer.

Whether in versus mode or in campaign, console players … but what the hell? They are more stup*d than the B4B bots which between us are worse than our Bots on Wv2 without the Bot mods!

Absolutely agree. I’ve played 300 hours on PC, 5300 hours on PS4, and now 1700 hours on Series X.

When you’ve played as much as me, you know the players that play cata w/deeds/twitch or whatever. You know who can hang and who can’t and for those of us who play at that level, we can chomp through PC as well. It’s not that different.

These guys don’t know what it’s like trying to bash through a literal wall of mass that is Khorne beastmen on citadel. Extra bodies with less health makes no difference what-so-ever. Oh btw, if you haven’t played both PC and console, you’re speaking out of turn.

You’re comparing 2 different experiences. If you’re in the top 100 players in either community, you are equivalent. Either group could easily plug in their input device into the other game and play at their current level.

Telling console players they are not as good as they think they are is ridiculous. They are the top players on their version of the game, using their input device.

I have 7k hours logged on controllers. If it isn’t pleasurable, I don’t know what is.

This whole m+k requirement thing you believe is necessary is nonsense. The people I know at the top end of both PSN and Xbox would not be carries and are as good as any top PC player in V2.

For reference, here’s one of my buddies doing a solo run on PS4 cata Vermintide 2 PS4 Cataclysm True Solo (WHC) - YouTube. Btw in order to do this on console you have to kill your bots at the start so you begin with a disadvantage of ammo shortage. Not that it makes that big of a difference, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

I just hopped on my ranger on PC. I plugged in my xbox controller and joined a quickplay on cata, maxed settings. The game isn’t that different guys. I honestly noticed no difference from my current Series X experience except the PC version felt a bit smoother somehow. I’m not sure how to explain it other than it felt slightly slicker/smoother (buttery comes to mind). I had a red necklace and trinket, the rest were orange. I used the scroll wheel to communicate cause I couldn’t get my mic to work.

Bottom line = Cata on PC and Series X are virtually the same experience.

You speak of top players and people with hundreds of hours experience

most of the people are not top players
most of the people don’t have thousands of hours
most of the people will never have thousands of hours

there the difference between console and pc will be vast

I believe you if you say you can perfectly fine play on pn besides beeing mostly console player, but with 300 hours on pc you are not exactly a pc noob either

you are probably a vastly better player then me in both versions

but reading your post I think that exactly that might make you lose perspective


Is there any data available on how many console players use aim assist?

crossplay isn’t really in my list of things this game needs,

but player skill as argument is somewhat irelavant,
i personally rather play with maybe less capable players that are teamplay oriented, than an asshat who might be more capable to survive solo, but runs ahead, wastes consumeables.
(thats allso the reason i think we need to getaway from the jack of all trades profile the game currently has, to a more utility based everyone has a role style, like DRG…)

also its not like pc playerbase is all that capable, even in legends there plenty less capable players and Asses, so i doubt console would deteriorate the average sucessrates of runs, maybe in cata a little but nothing major.
i do however have personal qualms about the fact that consoles demographic is much younger, and i quite like the more mature playerbase of the warhammer comunity

Good points. Perhaps my perspective is skewed but in my view, adding players to my favorite game is a good thing, period. The biggest problem consoles have is a low player-base and I’d like to correct that with the new game.

Would that add a lot of trash players to the lower ques? Yes, but that doesn’t bother me or change my play. Will it vastly change the play at the top? No, I don’t think it will, except for perhaps enable more players to play with, which is a good thing.

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