Xbox PC Crossplay

I am loving Vermintide 2. I just wanted to chime in and say that it seems like a perfect candidate for xbox and PC cross play. I play with a couple friends on PC, but one of my childhood friends plays on Xbox and loves coop games. I would love if the option became available for me to play this game with him.

Either way. good friggin work on this game.

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Please add xbox pc crossplay to keep every level alive for longer. I hope they read this.

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I wonder if there is different difficulty balancing between the two platforms, has anyone played both a significant amount of time who might know?

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any update on cross-platform?

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Yes, I know the differences.

They were/are as follows (as of 1.6 balance-era—I will need to retest once console is updated for 2.0):

  • Decreased horde side
  • Decreased roamer count
  • Increased health of Skaven trash by 60%
  • Increased health of Chaos trash by 33%
  • Increased weapon damage output by ~25%
  • 3 special types can only be on the map at the same time within the four special slots. This leads to more multiple (3+) disablers

EDIT: Wow holy necro lol, I just realized.

Last I read on this forum, they didn’t have plans for crossplatform.

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VT2 is a very CPU demanding game and consoles have weak laptop-equivalent CPUs. An xbox just wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of enemies that the PC version throw at you.

Also, because of the increase in number of enemies and general chaos, you will need the speed and precision of mouse aiming, putting console controller players at a distinct disadvantage.

Crossplay would be great, but it’s two different games balance-wise.


The necromancy is strong in this thread. Sleep peacefully now