😎 Cross Play Between PC and Xbox and PC and PS4

When the game comes out to the other platforms we would like to see the community stay together. The bigger the community the longer they thrive. Rocket league and Minecraft now have crossplay on all platforms. This is something that more companies should do. There is no PVP so there is no issue when it comes to that area. Please add this in when the game comes out on console so we can have a game that lasts a long time.


I hope they read this!


First-person crossplay is a terrible idea. The best controller player isn’t going to compete with mediocre kbm players and they’d be forced to balance things to the lowest common denominator.


I mean your talking about something that yourself does not like. Adding people to the player base is always the best idea. If you don’t want to play with them they will most likely add the option to turn off the feature.


I believe Warframe and Final Fantasy 14 mix PC + console players with little to no issue (other than I have no f’n idea how they heal with a controller in an MMO).

Flip-side, ask yourself this: Do you want to rely on teammates who can’t snap target within .1-.5 of a second. If not that, are you ok with auto-aim being added?

Would be awesome to have more players, if you are good to play legend i don’t care if you play with a mouse or controller.

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Yeah but try auto-aiming a special in the middle of a horde. It’d be pretty irksome to see devs devoting time to this when the rest of the game is still in need of a lot of attention.

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There are already people using controller on PC, and it is true that a wider playerbase keeps the game alive better (and helps in finding groups). Xbox friend system is different from Steam however, and I doubt those would be easy to integrate; Playstation side is even further, with friend system and otherwise. While I always wish for cross-platform compatibility, I doubt it will happen here.

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Honestly I would most likely turn cross-play off if it were an option.

I’ve heard these arguments all the way back to Halo days where people were super duper convinced players with controllers were juuust as good as KBM or vice versa and it’s just never going to end.

I’d rather play with people I know at least have the proper tools to pull off clutch moves. You can totally use a saw to hammer a nail but it’s never going to be as reliable as a hammer.


This will never happen for many reasons, but mostly because Xbox and PC will never be on the same patch version. Just as we have early access tested this game to make it viable for Xbox release, they will bugfix every single patch on PC before deploying to Xbox, to avoid the massive costs involved with patching Xbox. A dev like this couldn’t afford to drop a patch, then drop 5 hotfixes to clean up their mess on Xbox. (Many other devs do it this way as well)

The only time xbox and PC will ever be at a parity patch-wise is when the game is ‘done’ patching, or when both are brought to parity for a simultaneous DLC release.

Edit: actually it seems patch costs for xbox is no longer a thing, but they still have certification of every single patch which delays it, and makes quick n dirty hotfixes a problem.

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I mean i can see where your coming from, but this seems to be something they could change to help make it so happen. It seems this is just how they patch things now, but could change if they want to do this.

I’d love for this to happen but I can see there being difficulties in making it happen, maybe on the long-term it’d be a great addition however.

Perhaps at that point bugs/balancing will be dealt with to a point where it can be unified.

From a gameplay perspective, it being a PVE game should keep it from being ‘‘competitive’’ in that sense, since it’s about teamplay anyway. However I do understand the point some people make about patchnotes and balancing, though I still wouldn’t mind them doing it if they ever get the time to do it (properly.)

Let’s see them get dedicated servers up before we even consider them putting that on their radar however. :+1:

Perhaps we’ll stop seeing the sometimes crazy difficulty fluctuations as well then and actually get an idea of what it’s MEANT to be like.

Just gonna put in another “no thanks” vote. Plenty of valid reasons have been posted earlier in the thread.

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Have you ever heard what happened to the crossplay plans with Ark:Survival Evolved?
They announced it (xbone + PC) - when it was finally there, STEAM users had to buy another copy of the game (~60$) from the microsoft store in order to play with xbox-users. Not 100% sure but I think it was either STEAM or microsoft refused to cooparate.
Why should it be different here?

It is almost always better to have more players playing the game, and we have plenty of games nowadays support cross-play with little to no issue, gears 4, sea of thieves, rocket leagues, etc. Besides, if those so-called “unfair advantages of KBM” prove to be that much of issues, they can always go the fortnite route and limits the matchmaking to the same platform by default but also allow you to invite friends from other platforms to join, and by doing that, enabling the matchmaking with other platforms.

Being PvE, the patch notes argument is the only real valid reason to not have cross play right now. A number of people are arguing that a controller loses out, but this isn’t anything like Overwatch or Counter-strike. I’ve played console and aside from knowing what I can do, I’ve seen what other people can do too. The KBM/Controller argument is really weak for this kind of game. Especially so when you consider:

  • It’s PvE

  • A.I. is fairly predictable and consistent with behaviors(even the ridiculous ones like Chaos Warriors skating. Obnoxious, but predictable and consistent) unlike human vs human interaction

  • Game has a lot of melee involvement which doesn’t require excessive precision(but you can still be precise and swift even with a controller)

  • Accuracy with ranged weapons can still be excellent(even without assist tools)

It is unlikely to see any noticeable gameplay/skill difference between KBM and controller, as a whole. Most of the player base isn’t going to be good enough to where you will see a disparity between PC and console players. You might see a difference in the most skilled of players. Might. But I even doubt that. The general player base isn’t even close to a point where you could argue that KBM would give them some inhuman advantage(if any at all).

You can’t even use mods as an argument because you have an official realm(which mods are currently irrelevant to anyways) and a modded realm(which could possibly exclude console players).

Hey all,

Sadly we’ve no immediate plans for crossplatform play on Vermintide 2.


That’s a deal breaker for me. I really enjoyed the beta on Xbox One X, but knowing that there is no splitscreen mode and no chance that the game could be a „Play Anywhere“ title just stopps me from buying the game later, because I have nearly no chance to play with my friends, which are on PC. Minecraft, Fortnite, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Rocket League - all those game can be played cross platform. Vermintide 2 should join the list. It would be just better for the game in the long run.

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probably right but i do believe the game has a lot of better priorities to work on. People here give them a lot of crap. But assuming that this company is a standalone small group, with a decently priced game and no extra pay more gimmicks…i’m happy to wait and see what is next from the game dev team.

Define a mediocre PC player. What difficulty do they play and what is teir success rate, and stats in your opinion.

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