Pls do cross platform xbox and pc

Its co-op its be so great if we had this game cross platform


Pleae don’t, I don’t want baby sit console players.

But you know it wont happen because consoles have limited power and need to have different balance because of that


I thought consoles had fundamentally different spawn rates and HP of the enemies as they couldn’t handle the 50-100 strong hordes we get on PC and the spamming of Specials - flames/gas and so on overtaxing the console hardware.

Also do consoles get some kind of aim assist?


Nope, pls not. I’ve seen the differences of console and pc games in some places. I don’t want to put up with that.
They can tell me what they want, PC with M+KB is superior for shooters and shooter like games and every console player who things they are better is not aware of the ridiculous ammount of balance changes and aim assist they get.


By the Emperor, NO!

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Darktide is for the new, current generation which probably beats the MAJORITY of PC builds currently out there. Performance, assuming sufficient developer competence, is not the issue unless you get into the kind of modethat is available on modded realm or Cata twins which can crash even on strong PCs. The amount of flying rats you see in this game means a lot of players are already hosting with hardware that’s too weak.

I also don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t give players the OPTION to play with console players if it’s technically possible.

The real issue here is that their PC version of Vermintide is heavily integrated in Steam for everything related to matchmaking, voice chat etc. and crossplay for Darktide would mean running a Steam game with Microsoft servers or something, which is probably not a quick fix and a new set of headaches.


They do but it’s awful. It’s not the same type of aim assist in other games.

Instead of it auto aiming on the target when you zoom, it moves to the closest enemy moving towards you.

All my friends who have the vermintide game on console have to turn it off LOL


I am not sure if that is better or worse then the usual Aim Assist…
Well, either way I stick to my argument

I agree for the sake of maximizing the player base. If it’s possible to do and they manage to balance it properly PC and current gen consoles could very well play together at least theoretically. However, let’s not forget that FS is still considered a somewhat small studio and making crossplay actually work without damaging the experience on any platform could prove very difficult.

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I have no problems with crossplay as long as it doesn’t hurt pc players. Just because it’s harder to play on a console or because console players are more casual doesn’t mean you should tax pc players. Neither do I think Fatshark should disappoint their eagerly waiting fans with cut out content PlayStation or Xbox couldn’t handle. I have no problems with scaling down the graphical settings for console players exclusively so that they can get steady min 30 fps count.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a bigger player base and greater community. It’s just that I don’t want my game scaled-down or watered down because things wouldn’t work this way on consoles.


Any game that cross platforms is not worth buying. Nty OP.

Majority maybe in uganda, I still remeber THE GROUDNBREAKING power of PS4 and XBO and the infinite terraflops they offered
And even IF new gen consoles are atleast decent, Mouse+Keyboard is so goddamn superior to controlers when it comes to ALL game genres except racing/fighing games - and V2 REQUIRES precise controls (jesus can you IMAGINE doing the slight adjustments while swinging to hit headshots with specific attack animation on specific enemies that are different heights :smiley: )

TLDR no, its a bad idea. EIther PC verson would need to be DUMBED down to console level - ergo bad
OR console would need to be upped to PC difficulty making it impossible for console player to play well - ergo bad


According to the Steam hardware survey, over half of Windows gamers are still on ancient quadcores and the amount of players with GPUs that beat the new consoles is maybe 10%.
Of course this will shift in the next years as it does with every generation, but right now (the 2021 release window) a Series X is a much, much higher baseline than what needs to be supported on PC.

Concerns about input methods and balancing are something else entirely, but valid.

Ehh I don’t really believe in Crossplay in Egoshooters.

I coudlnt find specific CPU types on steam charts but over 65% were galaxies above anciet quadcores - if iam not mistaken I7 4790K is physical quadcore, yet this cpu is optimal for CYBERPUNK
So we are very well safe here with power of average PCs
SO gpu?
Over 68.5% of the people have cards several times better than PS4 gpu. If I wanted to dig deeper I assume i could say that over 35% have cards galaxies stronger than consoles have

And about new gen PS5, If go historicaly its gpu will be comparable MAX to mid range Nvidia 3050Ti, but more like 1660. And before ''but it runs X on Y fps" - yes cuz people were paid to hyperoptimize and developed FOR that console
It was proven over and over that if a dev converts a console game to pc and ACTUALLY atleast tries to make it semi optimized on PC, even sub average builds make that game look several times better with higher framerate

I don’t know what you’re even trying to do here with these pointless comparisons.

Cyberpunk is a completely different game, it’s not in any way comparable to the intensive AI directing and animations of the hordes in the *tide games.
You bring up the PS4 which has nothing to do with Darktide.
Then you bring up the PS5 which currently isn’t even a confirmed platform for Darktide.
Then you claim the PS5 - which has slightly lower raw power than the Series X - is comparable to a 1660, which in reality has half of the raw power of either.

Give it up, there is no sensible concern about console performance compared to the average PC install base in 2021. It would be a concern in a few years, but we live in the present. The real concerns are differences in input methods affecting balancing and the effort required to make crossplay work.

I dont know what makes you guys think you need to carry console players ??? when I play v2 on my friends pc I play it with an xbox controller and nobody needs to carry me when I go qp.

I often enough needed to carry most of the time… the only difference is that you got a few more enemies on the screen but when you know how to play this game it doesn’t really matter how many there are especially when thier health is that low I get the feeling that it’s even a bit easier on PC cause the enemies have less health .
Paying cata there felt like playing legend on console cause besides the number of specials the elites are so weak .

There are many skilled v2 players on console ,sure we got also some bad but you pc guys have more then enough of them too.

And since the new console generation is good enough to compete with most of gaming PCs out there I don’t really know what the problem is here .
Hell you dont even need to play with console ppl when you make a private game , maby get the option to turn the crossplay off or got you’re squad of 4…
anyways its gona be an coop game so why should it be so bad to play with console ppls? The most arguments here that I read is just hat console ppls are not skilled enough whats an total bulls*** argument and that you would get a tuned down game what if you’re honest you cant tell cause you dont know how good this game runs on the consoles and maby it’s just gona have tuned down settings for console players what doesn’t mean they cant play with you also… so what the heck is wrong with you guys

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Wow saw more PC elitism than I thought I would here that’s kinda gross. Even if it were true that Xbox/PS players were a bunch of casuals that played worst than the PC gods (this is all hyperbole btw ) that’s what we have different difficulty settings for. I can’t see anything but benefits IF combining the two playerbases was that easy. My understanding is that its a hardware thing and since the now last gen consoles can’t run the same version of the game, that’s why we don’t have crossplay. So if Fatshark can bridge that gap more power to them. The chat wheel and tagging system makes most ingame communication pretty intuitive and fast.

On a secondary note maybe chill on the elitism and community gating. More players should be a good thing both for matchmaking and for the future of the game. Not everyone in the game is trying to clear Weave 140, plenty of players just want to swing at rats with an axe and if you don’t enjoy that…eh anyway. As someone that’s usually complaining about this game, I don’t have to wait even longer for content or play a version of the game with less enemies in it. The console players sticking it out are clearly big fans of the game to put up with what they get in comparison, so I would like them to get a better experience. If we could let them cross play bring it on.


Thats not a problem at all when you’re used to play with a controller but I guess since you never saw a need in developing skill with a controller noone else should be possible to have so … the only thing I give you guys is that you might have it a bit easier on really far ranged shots but that’s all

You forgot rts :wink:

I can see several problems.
There is a reason why balancing of console versions of shooter games is totally different then for pc games
Theres also a reason why overwatch players plug in m+kb at a console and play ranked there

The whole enviroment for fps-like games is vastly different on pc and console. I played both
I’ve seen comparing videos
I know sufficiently how ridiculous the aim assist in some games is

And i DON’T want to babysit console players who struggle at aiming because they for some reason believe that they have the superior input device

no you don’t
you get cheated into feeling that you are ‘good’
you are not as good as you think you are

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