Pls do cross platform xbox and pc

You should know that when you want to play v2 on console above veteran you need to turn off the aim assist cause it’s not working well
So YES we are so good cause noone that really plays that game uses aim assist cause it draws away you’re cross to the nearest enemy what makes the game nearly unplayable if you want to shoot a target throug a horde or just next to another enemy.
You should get you’re facts right.

Why did this devolve in to console vs. PC? How old are you guys?

By the way, from what I understand plugging mouse and keyboard in to current gen consoles is pretty easy

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Yes it is pretty easy to play m+k on the current gen.
I was following this thread for a while . And I wanted to say nothing but after this thread turned into a console player bashing contest I just couldn’t.
I never had a problem with pc players i was playing on pc for over ten years before I really got into console gaming .

I do cross play on other games like apex and deep rock where it is no problem but here we go, in v2 console players dont got the skill to play a coop game with pc ppls cause they would need to babysit us… I mean wtf ?

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Wet fantasies. It’s finally gonna beat fx8320 gtx 1066. Long lives. Cmon, that just can’t be truth, for complete set up for 600$. Most secondary PC components cost more. Consoles still will have ram + vram combined for usage and that wouldn’t be gddr6, only ddr4 :slight_smile: and only 16 gigs :slight_smile: Launched battlefront 2 yesterday, it ate 14.5 gigs of ram.

Games still gonna be crap, cause old consoles… They are not getting thrown at trashyard or magically turn into next gen. They gonna get reselled, and the amount of new consoles is mostly too low to replace all older ones. Your luck u can’t mine etherium on consoles

Cmon, there already 30xx nvidia cards, but u still can see games required 1060 or even 970 on their steam pages.

I vote for crossplay.

It’s a co-op game.

More people = more lobbies and faster matchmaking

Fatshark could just beef up those Nurgle boys like they do for V2 enemies on consoles to help with difficulty.

For once console players will get to utilize breakpoint guides that the PC community makes.

We’re all brothers and sisters here fighting together against the Chaos filth.


Go and play a game that was dumbed down to console level, in case of diffculty or controls
Even games specificaly designed for consoles - like Monster Hunter World - are after bloodsweating sessions of K+M remapping just superior on K+M with faster access to everything you need (instead of opening menus and scrolling in them cuz controles has only couple buttons)
It was mentioned many times here that console V2 is easier and slower compared to PC for the simple reason that controlers are SUBpar to K+M in almost all genres with very few exceptions
Its not abot brotherhood its about pure simple aiming to meet the lowest common denominator which would make this game way less enjoyable

That’s not why it is balanced differently, it’s balanced differently because even high-end PCs struggle with horde size in this game

Do you realize how long ago the XBone and PS4 first launched?

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That too ofcourse but even if new gen consoles offered enough power, the problem of controlers is still there and it cant he solved by just by auto aim

It is fine to have the opinion that M+KB is superior to controller, but until the developers state otherwise I think saying that having to design for controllers is what dumbs the game down is disingenuous

Srsly? Are we going to have a debate about FPS games being utter sh*t on controlers and it doesnt matter AT ALL if its coop or PvP.
AND if the game wants to have level playing field between the two IN a FPS game it has to have either

  1. dumbed down mechanics (like enemy movement animations - swaying, density, standing around etc etc) so console players dont feel like baggage with 1/3 of the kills a K+M players has

ASSUMING we arent doing the wrong comparison between a 870hours console player and a 10hours PC player

  1. console player needs to have unfair ingame advantage of auto aim/aim assist. Hell even higher dmg or dmg resistance etc

V2 isnt a game where ‘‘difficulty’’ is pure mathematical problem that is solved 85%+ by gear and 15%- by skill - these games can have decent console coop enviroments
V2 is SPECIFICALY a game where you can and will finish a legend runwith grey equipment. Its stupid slow BUT its doable if you are GOOD enough

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I think it’s fine to have games that are just going to be more difficult on controller, especially because as already stated in this generation of consoles using a mouse and keyboard is absolutely possible

But clearly I’m not going to change your mind, so just agree to disagree

If this gen is able to effortlesly use K+M and its able to run the game on average PC specs there is no problem


I’m a big fan of that game and I’d say that statement is really only true for bow and the bowguns. Omni directional movement is definitely a perk of controllers for a game like MHW. I don’t know what speed runners generally use but I’d be very surprised if it isn’t controller for most weapons.

Also look at Hades. Pretty much all top level players swear by controller over M + K to my knowledge, so I’d say you’re a bit off base there unless that’s one of the rare exceptions you were referring to.

Anyway that’s pretty off topic. Just wanted to chime in on that particular point since it strikes me as inaccurate.

It’s not. I don’t know where you’re getting this information.

Enemies on console are way beefier because of the hardware. Consoles are capped at 30-60 fps and if you have the same version that PC has then they would have 0 frames during hordes.

Even the majority of PC users have trouble with framerate during hordes. Not everyone has a high end PC so many PC players are playing with similar equipment than that of consoles. Meaning having crossplay wouldn’t even affect most people.

It has nothing to do with how controllers are inferior.

Besides, controllers are only inferior to kb&m in PvP games, not co-op games because of the atrocious aiming with joysticks. Auto aim is terrible on controllers. I know. I used to play Xbox.

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Insert any game that was ported to PC from consoles
Literally any game that uses more than couple buttons has a requirement for console to be easier in soem regard - auto aim, less enemy aggresion, lower enemy accuracy you name it.
This is ESPECIALLY visible in FPS/3rd person shooters that are stuck in kid mode difficulty since PS3 when it comes to enemy AI Because requiring thumbstick users to actually aquire targets FAST would put off majority of players

No console version has less enemies around that have more hp but same stagger resistance
-> its simply easier than PC (ergo dumbed down) - why ? - more THP from enemy kills / MUCH easier horde managenet since stagger is the same AND only slaves/clanrats/fanatics/marauders are like this
Bosses / specials / elites are the same

Not true majority of players 65%+ from steam charts have several times STRONGER rigs than PS4/XB
Over 30% have galaxies stronger rigs

I have framerate drops to 60 with 2070Super, its not the problem of a card but the game engine getting bloated

No, controlers are inferion to K+M in ANY genre with exception of fighting games, Action hack&slash like devil may cry, racing games and thats pretty much about it. ANY other genre goes from ''much better than controler" to ''hillariously superior compared to controler"
Being it a PvP or PvE has no bearing on it

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Because it sounds like to me you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’ve played both on console and PC and unless there’s PvP involved, crossplay doesn’t affect how to play the game.

FYI, auto aim on consoles is garbage. You would know that if you ever played on console before.

Nice troll tho :wink:

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Source what ?
That I owned XB360 for over a year and was puking my guts out of how BAD the fps controls were and as soon as I finished all the games I wanted for story purposes I immediately sold it?
Or source waht that monster hunter world is objectively better on PC K+M since you actaully bind usefull controls since you have more than couple buttons? Range weapon users are also MUCH more efficient on K+M than controlers in that game SO much so that console players NEED to use a function where the bow is SHOOTS at the last known place since its too much to move AND aim with controlers
Or source of that on steam majority of players have GPU 970/1060 (which is roughly equivalent of 2.5+ consoles) and over a 1/3 have superbly superior machines than consoles
Or source of auto aim is garbage so thats why PC players are b*tching about console players playing COD Warzone and obvious aim assist is obvious?
Or about how crossplay unless its PvP doesnt matter?
Inferior controls are inferior and it doesnt matter what gametype it is, if you want to be a baggage in Darktide you dont need to force crossplay, just play with yout feet


Simply not true.

Unless you have proof of some sort. I played both Vermintides on console. The enemies are beefier but the threat is about the same as it is on PC but with a decrease in enemies regarding ambushes and hordes. Ambient enemies appeared to be the same.

It sounds like you need another hobby though because apparently Vermintide and Fatshark makes you incredibly angry. I have never seen you say anything positive about Fatshark’s hard work into making Vermintide. Sure, they have made mistakes, but give me 1 person who’s never made a mistake at their job before in their life.

Plus you have been known to say things that are simply not true and have never provided proof of it. Like when you said you get over 40 specials just during the end event of Convocation of Decay. Does sound like a bug, but you’ve never provided a single console log or video proof and no one else has come forward with that same problem. It just seems you like to exaggerate and start trouble for no other purpose but to amuse yourself.

Trust me, Fatshark knows when they mess up. They are trying to fix everything which is why they are planning on hiring more people this year.

"Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you have the right to be cruel."
- Author Unknown

Respond to me all you want but I will not feed you anymore. I do wish you solve your anger problems though. It took me 4 years and a heart attack to realize how dangerous it is to be angry.

Can you get any more magnanimous and condescending though? How about proof that console VT2 plays the same? I’ve never seen it - I’m genuinely curious.

There is a reddit thread specificaly about fodder enemies being in less numbers but higher HP
This isnt a speculation, PS4 XBO were sub par even at their launch nevermind in 2018 when V2 launched
Idk when stating the obvious became ‘‘condescention’’ but whatever
This entire thread is a plea towards fatshark not to make their gameplay worse to accomodate crossplay - unless its only NEW gen consoles and K+M required (or they do the impossible and create a FPS game that is pleasurable to play on a controler)

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