Guys ... will we have crossplat?

I wanna play with my ecks Bawks friends without demanding them to invest 5k in a new rig, will it be possible?

this topic has been a thing for the entirety of V2 and still hasn’t been resolved, as there are many good arguments for Pro and contra, of crossplay. i always stood on the side that i would rather not have it in the game for reasons im not gonna reiterate. (if u wanna know read the respective V2 thread)

it would be cool to know tho from an offical source.
so can we expect crossplay in on release of Darktide? @Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia
Please no “its possible” or “we consider it” or something just give us a hard answer and if you really don’t know say it how it currently is on the dev versions

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I sure hope not without going into too much detail but basically its the difficulty

seriously, if your friends want to get the most out of this game build a PC. you can get a ryzen and a now that decent GPU’s are finally available to gamers it can be done on a budget

If the game is exclusive to current-generation Xbox, Windows Store, and PC this time around – no worrying about PlayStation – and the console is powerful enough to not have to nerf enemy numbers like Vermintide, I really don’t see the downside to crossplay


Current gen consoles are less cpu-limited(zen2 is okay) unlike previous gen, so I guess crossplay is more plausible than before.

just heard from IGN vid that there is NO crossplatform on launch, said it could be added at a later point but knowing fatshark i wouldn’t count on it.

We’re working on Cross Play but until you see it advertised as a feature, consider it not a feature.


@Fatshark_Hedge Can we get a toggle option for cross play please? Im not interested in buying/playing games with cross play unless i can disable it.

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is there a problem with crossplay? i think i never played a game with it (most of games that were released with it were regurgitated vomit) so i kept my distance.
genuinely wanna know…

You mean from the perspective of the player or the dev?

From the player: easy no problem. In Sea of thieves we play a lot with crossplat kids and that being a pvpve game obviously they had the short end of the stick meaning you can easily destroy them given how fast you can aim on the mouse, the console players obviously have the option to disable crossplat and only play with xbox players or controle players but most of the time they opt in since if you get some pvp god in your team you are good to go.
Theres also crossplat on destiny2 and back4blood, both pve are great for it, zero complaints, in destiny2 crossplat is so good you cannot tell if the other player is on console unless you look at the profile icon on the menu, its seamless, too bad they started removing paid content and are aggressive with the pricing of content so i jumped off that boat.
Crossplat is only bad for pvp, anyone saying they don’t wanna play coop with xbox are just being elitists for no reason, if theres a reason please specify it.

Now from the dev perspective, obviously this is pure guessing and assumption based on rumors i heard because i am not a dev: in vermintide the enemy spawn rate is highier on pc than on consoles meaning crossplat would never be possible, perhaps darktide has a similar tweak for the older xbox, i assume it could be possible for xbox series x and pc to have crossplat but again, given how fatshark is great at everything they do except coding it could cause some crashes.

Don’t get my tone wrong btw, i am not roasting the dev team, you guys are using what it seems to be your own engine and i applaud you for it but bugs and crashes are so commonly found in vt2 that we learned to live with them, their presence dimished a lot over the years but occasionally every now and then we get a visit from mr bug and uncle crash, they are like family members at this point.

And as soon as that happens you’ll earn my business. :slight_smile: Hope it’s soon as I’m excited to play with my friends.

Considering that you advertised Vermintide 2 with Dedicated Servers, i would say its only a feature when its in the game.

Anything that increases the size of the playerbase is good for the game and it’s community.

I hope they do this.