Please say something on the status of Crossplay

There hasn’t been anything official on crossplay in over a month. I understand there’s a lot of fires to put out, but it’s literally impossible for me to play a squad of friends because of it. We’re being left no choice but to stop playing if we want to still have new things to experience together. And that sucks, because the core gameplay is fun, but we want to play games together and we can’t do that here.


Please!! Anything!!

Just a monthly request for more information on this. I know this is the primary issue our group dropped the game for. We still check in to see “+0.5 sec stun duration on mutants hitting the wall” and wonder when that will change to “you can now play with your friends without everyone having to start over and drop extra $$$ on the game”.

If you’re happy on Steam and don’t care about crossplay, congratulations, then maybe your community is wealthier than ours or doesn’t like playing together. Either way - I’m not talking XBox to PC, I’m talking PC (Steam) to PC (Microsoft).

Yep it seems that the playerbase on Steam is more present than on Microsoft … I hope FS will implement a Crossplay feature eventually to boost up the general playerbase (maybe with the long awaited release of the console version?) …

I asked Catfish about this topic and this was the answear. (13th april)

So currently there hasn’t been any info relating to crossplay.

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