Let's make sure the devs know how important crossplay is to us

Note: This is mainly in reference to Gamepass PC as opposed to console

First off, I know that crossplay has been discussed and vaguely confirmed as a future feature, at least between steam and GP-PC. I’m not sure exactly where they mentioned this, but enough people have quoted it that I assume it is true. However, I’m getting very concerned and a little depressed logging in on gamepass these days for two reasons:

I don’t know when to possibly expect crossplay, nor how much of a priority it is for the team.

I am slowly losing the ability to play the game entirely because of the inability to matchmake.

These two things are forcing me to make a decision now. Do I stop playing and wait for crossplay (which could take who knows how long…a year? I really have no idea, and I don’t know if I’ll still by hyped to play by then), or do I just breeze through on low difficulties (the only place I can find players) until I’m utterly burnt out and bored, and risk leaving the game forever? Even if steam is the player haven it sounds like, I’m not going to buy the game there and start over for a chance of more matches. I just can’t stomach it after grinding so much. If players on steam are struggling as well to find matches, then we ALL need this crossplay and we should voice it loudly. We should not be forced to use discord to matchmake if there are other possible solutions.

My admittedly optimistic goals for this post are simply to find out if there are many players like me with the same worries and dilemma, show the devs that we exist in significant numbers, and maybe possibly get a little more info directly from the devs about their crossplay plans. If you are in the same boat as me, steam or gamepass, I’d love to know. At the moment I feel like a minority that is close to being swept under the rug over here on GP, and I’ve invested a lot of time trying to improve with the expectation that I’d be able to play heresy or damnation.

Thanks for reading!


They know, is important to everyone, the problem is that the game brings modern high end PCs to their knees, and they’re still trying to work out how to make it work on consoles, that’s why they’re so silent on the xbox front.
They might need to reduce the amount of enemy spawns while making them more difficult to balance it out, and if that happens, crossplay won’t work, so they’re trying to find other options.
It’s not an easy task.


I understand the extra complications involved in crossplay to consoles, i’m mainly concerned with Gamepass on PC specifically getting crossplay. I assume it can be treated separately from consoles but I may be wrong

It’s not important to me at all, and I kind of hope its not added. I assume they will at some point, though.


Dividing the pc player base is obviously bad for the game, not defendable.


dividing any kind of playerbase is dumb

Crossplay will release together with VT2-Versus and dedicated servers!


Honestly fixing the progression, itemization, and heavy use of RNG in the game are all more important issues than crossplay. In fact i’d rank crossplay down near the lowest list of priorities versus improving the game overall.

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@Skaleek Maybe for you. Sounds like you can successfully find matches if those concerns rank higher for you. I literally cannot play so obviously that is going to remain #1 for me

Crossplay usually sucks, maybe it won’t this time, but it doesn’t matter to me if they get it working in the slightest.

@LoveTruffle Where do you play? Can you find matches? I can see how crossplay to console could suck, but what could be bad about Gamepass PC to Steam?

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I want to echo this - as another PC gamepass player I was wondering why the playerbase seems so small. It’s very difficult slash basically impossible to find a heresy group. Even lower level matchmaking is tedious.

Stupid me, I only found out about this today! Beyond a lot of time invested (my brother and I both have well equipped level 30 characters), I am also a sucker for cosmetics and have sunk some dollars into the shop. It’s not the end of the world, but my preference would be to not spend $30 again to level up the same characters on THE SAME PLATFORM just to get with a more active playerbase.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is a microsoft problem or a fatshark problem, but it’s super disappointing and totally ridiculous. It should be near top priority to fix.

The high difficulties are pretty dead so the lack of steam-gamepass cross play might actually be killing the game.

Leave now, come back in a year. It’s the better choice.

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Dividing playerbases from different platforms is not dumb.
Outside of the benefit of having more people to match with, PC almost always suffers from crossplay with console.

there is literally no downside to crossplay with consoles

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I dont wanna crossplay with consoles. Steam/Gamepass pc should definitely be a thing though.

You mean things like

  • slower content releases because they have to be optimized for both pc and console before they can be rolled out (since both have to run the same version for crossplay)
  • balancing issues due to PC controls being superior for many types of games (like Darktide), making identical content harder for console players
  • game limitations (due to console performance) apply to both console and PC version

Do not exist?
Well, you are wrong.

Crossplay would bring 2 of my friends in on the fun.

Are they dead on Steam too? I assumed it was just gamepass.