Crossplay Gamepass/Steam

Good morning guys,
is there no Microsoft Gamepass/Steam Crossplay?
Been to a friend the last 2 weeks who bought it at Steam.
Played like 20 matches and found random group in 2-10 seconds.
Now I downloaded the game days ago and sometimes it takes forever to find a playing group.
According to SteamDB 20k Players are online.
So no PC Crossplay?

No its saparate which is boneheaded.


No crossplay at all at the moment, which is madness considering this is an online game that requires active players to play. Genius move to get it on gamepass but to not be able to have crossplay on PC and Steam users, or PC and Xbox Gamepass players is a bit strange. I’d have thought they’d have been able to put in at least some form of crossplay, the fact that they haven’t and we’re getting radio silence is a bit concerning.

Players, especially the gamepass players will move on quickly as they won’t really have suffered any financial burden.

It’s insane. I had it on gamepass and leveled to 30 (so did my roommate) and we just thought the game was dead. Kind of pissed because we liked it enough to get the upgraded edition - and then I had to buy it all over again on steam… unfortunately it’s losing players there now too.

I think it’s a really wonderful game, but theres not much to it after you get to 30. Since there’s no loot and no crafting, not much fun to be had. The game is great, and playing a run is it’s own reward but it gets kind of dull once your character progress stalls out.

Not having Crossplay at all is pretty dumb.
Not having much to do is , for me, not that bad, yet. Still love just lvling (26 vet) and some others at 10-12.
But not finding a group is a game killer.
Yesterday I wanted to play, did’t find a group , so I logged of and played something else.
Bots are too stupid to play with :smiley:

Yeah I heard about similar games getting held up by MS earlier in the year and canceled my GP. Apparently beyond a couple major studios/Microsoft games there is no crossplay on Steam. I thought this game would warrant it out of necessity but apparently not. I would rule out the PC-console crossplay they never confirmed for the same reason…