Time for Crossplay?

Now that xbox players are getting patched closer to the pc version and this wonderful game is coming to game pass, I think this spells the perfect time to add crossplay to the game. and also might be a good trial run to see if crossplay would be a good addition for darktide on release. i have a few console friends i would love to slay with.

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Crossplay between consoles, sure. Considering PC and console have different enemy stats I highly doubt there’ll ever be crossplay with PC.

Consoles can’t handle the same number of enemies as PC, so the enemies get inflated HP to compensate. I don’t see this disparity being breached, but something to hope for with Darktide and next gen consoles maybe making it possible.


yeah i read that the spawning system and such was different on console. but is it due to consoles literally being incapable of handling the sheer amount of enemies? or is it a balance issue. cause if its the latter, there might be a work around, i remember a game called world war z i think where the spawning and even classes were entirely different, but when joining a pc game the classes and spawns would swap over to the pc system (iirc). i feel that way might work if its not a “consoles cant handle it” situation.

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It’s been a while, but this is how I remember it being explained. The AI director mostly uses your CPU, and V2 in general is a very CPU intensive game. I believe consoles are competitive with GPU, but not CPU, since most games rely much more heavily on GPU. So yeah I don’t think consoles can handle PC quantities of enemies as they are currently. Would love for someone more knowledgeable to chime in and give a better explanation though.

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thats a bummer, if its the case. but yeah like you said with the next gen consoles (if v2 gets ported over) hopefully it’ll come with crossplay.

I think it’s possible, because I play World War Z with my brother, and he has xbox. And is so much more enemies than Vermintide 2. Then, just work hard and maybe Vermintide 2 can be played so much more. I want to bring my friends to the game. ;-;

God damn necromancers and their good points.

Right now, Vermintide 2 doesn’t have the capacity to support crossplay (networking, balance, realms, etc), but maybe some surprises coming up for other things. :slight_smile: