Mistakes in Polish translation

“Bomber” translated as “Bombowiec”. “Bombowiec” is actually the plane that drops bombs. Someone who lobs grenades is a “grenadier”. Or “zamachowiec” when they set up explosives.

one of the Ogryn’s lines mentions encircling enemy. In polish for some reason it is added that enemy entrenched themselves. I believe that trench is a long and narrow ditch which is difficult to dig out in the hive city of Tertium. Wouldnt it be better to use “Przeciwnik zajął umocnione pozycje”? “Enymy’s position is reinforced”?

Grymuar, “Grimoire” is a large and old book in polish, so is Księga “Scripture”. Nevermind - its Pismo, the flavor text is “tomes” for some reason.

In one of the voicelines i noticed Tempestus Sciones were translated either as “Tempestus children” “Potomkowie Tempestus” i think - i didn’t quite catch that.

Also: Enforcer station is translated as “Stacja stróżów prawa” in polish “Stróże prawa” or any enforcement services do not have stations. They have either posterunek “post” or komisariat “commisariat”.

The difficulty settings are as follows
Sedition - Bunt (localized one time action against opressor)
Uprising - Powstanie (larger organised movement against opressor)
Malice - Zły Zamiar (evil intent)? I think someone who thought this one out wanted to make pun on malignancy - as in neoplastic cells spreading. Anyhow it shouldn;t be Zły Zamiar as that is intent that preceeds any action. How about: “Zajadłość” inexorability, implacability and bigotry in one fancy word. Like neoplasm.
Heresy - Herezja
Damnation - Potępienie

Jesus Christ you added new mistakes in Polish Translation with this hotfix…

Bomby Poszły - Ogryn Skull Breaker - “Skrzynka Bólu” (Hurtlocker/Painbox) is the main ogryn grenade skill. and in this skill its mentioned as "Duża Skrzynka Bólu - Big Box of Pain.

Hadrons order “Implement the Servoskull” “Wdróżcie Serwoczaszkę” is quite unnatural and difficult to pronounce with the spoken language. If you want tech savy term use “Zaimplementujcie” - same as implement. Just a suggestion on my part - I dont remember ever reading or hearing this kind of order or request.


“Training with scanner/Auspex” the description says “Przeskanuj tyle celów dla skanerów: 50” “Scan this many targets for scanners: 50”. How about “Cele do sprawdzenia skanerem: 50” “Targets to check with a scanner: 50”

“Przyjaciele zawsze będą z Tobą” This penance require you to hold team coherence on “Napaść” difficulty. There is no such difficulty as Napaść.

This Napaść occurs everywhere in the penances.

“Purifier?” “Czyściciel” Zabij 5000 jedn. terrorów" what are terrors here? Are these Monstrosities? “Szkaradztwa”?

"Łowca Męt"should be “Łowca Mętów”

For Grenadier’s Gauntlet there is “Obrażenia wybuchowe” that bleeds into another line and gets covered by the yellow graph bar.

Character creation: Class titles are not translated.

In some voice lines Veteran Marksman mentions a ruin of strategic importance in polish it is translated as a noun so “ruination of strategic importance”

Since no one else has said it…I’m sure their localization team appreciates all the info you’re documenting for them.

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Thank you, it’s nice to feel that someone values the effort.

Colloquial name for “Bomber” who lobs grenads would be “Granaciarz” “Grenader” “'nader”.

Previously “Zespół uderzeniowy” “Storm Team?” has been changed to social in the character menu. This has been translated as “Społeczne” which translates directly to “Social” as an adjective. And explains even less than the 'team". How about 'Drużyna"?

“Przytłaczający ogień” - “+1.5% do mocy przy łańcuchu trafień dystansowych (ten sam cel)”, in polish we don’t use “łańcuch” in that situation “Seria” is more fitting. “+1.5% do mocy przy serii trafień dystansowych w ten sam cel”. “If you hit the same target multiple times in a series you will get +1.5% power per shot that hit.”

“Łowca Chwały” +5% do wytrzymałości przy zabicu elity. It sounds as if you were getting rewarded for class war “elitarnego przeciwnika/wrog” “Elite enemy”. is better.

Also some weapons have additional damage towards “Maniacy”. who are maniacs?

Hadron Omga-7-7 shop. You can “Poświęć” an item, so to “sanctify” or consecrate, but in polish the dominant meaning of “Poświęć” is to “sacrifice” which is confusing. You can “uświęć” an item - to sanctify, to consecrate.

Sire Melk contracts don’t play nicely with Polish grammar, especially cases (nominative, accusative, dative…)

Kill 750 scabs using melee weapon - I’d make it say “Zabij 750 przeciwników typu Drań w zwarciu” (kill them in melee, dropping the “weapon” part. Or using plural would look even better “Zabij 750 Drani” (in English does it say singular or plural Scab/Dreg)?

“Collect 12 tomes/scriptures/grimoires”. You used “do rozstawienia” which has opposite meaning, “to place down”, like mount a minigun. Spread the heresy :wink: “Do zebrania” would be better for “to collect”. Or “do podniesienia”, since you already have “Podnieś: Pisma (12)”

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