Russian localization

Russian loc isn’t very bad, but it is incomplete and it still has many places to fix. I can help you a little bit with that. For free, just because I like this game)
Problems are small, but unpleasant, like: name of hub location in Russian is just “Castle”. Dwarf’s weapon type “Great Axe” translated like “Outstanding axe(for cutting trees)”. And mistranslations like that are numerous.


I agree, the work your Russian translation team did is shoddy, and I say this as someone with considerable game localization experience. It’s inaccurate, disregards consensus-level Warhammer translations and has clearly not been play tested.

I’m very sorry to say this, Fatshark, but you’ve been effectively scammed.

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Hi, Ghalenus. Thanks for bringing it up. We are making some final touches to our Russian translations at the moment which I hope will be of your liking. We’d love to take into notice community suggestions, as they would improve the overall experience, but it’s the logistic of going through the content and approving it that proves a little tricky. We hope to improve this, for the sake of a better gaming experience. I will keep you updated on this and call out for help once we’ve figured out an optimal way to do it. Thanks again for your caring. :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding! About the logistic - many open-source and small commercial projects use online crowd-made localization platforms. Yes, it’s a little bit adventurous, but if you don’t have a special department or an opportunity to use the services of a translation agency, you can try them :wink:

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